1. what no one of our dear friends seems to see - with this "neutrality"-thing accepted unanimously by the UNSC ( even the US said yes )the handicapped-A-plan is definitely a thing of the past.

    I´d love to hear some words from the finnish nobel-prize-winner on this one... =)
    (Jovan, 2 December 2008 23:40)
  2. The US/NATO will not tolerate an uncooperative Thaci since the US/NATO are the real armed forces of Kosovo.
    (Steve, 1 December 2008 20:17)
  3. #15 - branko,

    That's exactly what I want to say. They said that 6-point plan is dead and irrelevant - but all this protests etc.
    Thay said they are independent - now they are protesting for independence.

    They said that last week UN plan is big victory for Pristina - and now protesting as unnaccaptable.

    I'm just trying to use logic and look at reality of events and on the ground - but comparing to albs postings on this site or so-called Pristina authorities -it'doesn't make any logic and sense.
    (dd, 1 December 2008 18:02)
  4. i am puzzled why thaci keeps saying these things when all his political adversaries and european analysts says otherwise? and in fact they will protest against the "dead"??? 6 points tommorow. who is right among them?
    (branco covic, 1 December 2008 15:04)
  5. Yes you are correct, the 6 overrides the 4, which still falls under 1244.
    (Dragan, Toronto, 1 December 2008 11:49)
  6. I urge everyone to read the 6 point plan. None of the comments are really relevant. Much hype was made about the 6 point plan when it was not available and the govts of Serbia hailed it as a victory and the govt of Kosovo paints it as a tragedy simply because Serbia says it is good.

    All it says is there will be dialogue, it says nothing of anytype of partition. The only mention of division of Unmik and Eulex is that of the courthouse in Mitrovica for up to 60 days after opening.
    The rest is discussions are needed for....
    It does say that EULEX will come in under the umbrella of the UN in accordance of res 1244 but that is what was said in June, so no change there.
    (sp, 1 December 2008 09:46)
  7. >>>"You are forgetting about the 18,000 KFOR troops who are there to provide security for the UNMIK and now the EULEX missions."
    (Albanez, 1 December 2008 06:16)
  8. Thaci - dream on! The four points are dead. The six points were accepted on the international level, by the United Nations, which coincidently EULEX has to abide by, the EU knows this, the Americans know this, and so will Pristina. Sorry to burst yet another bubble.
    (Dragan, Toronto, 1 December 2008 01:49)
  9. Desperate words from a desperate man. Thaci is making these remarks for the home audience. However, he knows what the real deal is. The purpose is not to implement the 6 point plan on 1,6 million albanianss but to confirm the carve up of Kosovo. Two different entities in two different areas. What does that sound like?
    Also amazing that, as far as I know, no new countries have recognized Kosovo lately. It seems like the pressure on countries to recognize Kosovo independence have died out since the new american government took over.
    (MikeC, 1 December 2008 00:03)
  10. Good luck trying to implement these 6-points on 2 million people with just a 2000 people mission.
    (Funcakes, 30 November 2008 22:27)
    Good luck with your independence movement!
    (ZK, 30 November 2008 23:53)
  11. Funcakes,

    You are forgetting about the 18,000 KFOR troops who are there to provide security for the UNMIK and now the EULEX missions.

    And if that is not enough then I am sure the Republic of Serbia would be willing to send some of her troops as well since UNSCR 1244 allows for Serbian security forces to operate inside of Kosovo under UN supervision.

    As for 2 million ethnic Albanians, I will believe that number when someone is able to conduct a census in Kosovo without being shot at.
    (Eric (USA), 30 November 2008 23:43)
  12. US cares! Here is the truth about the "six points" from Daniel Fried:

    "Kosovo made it very clear that it does not accept the six-point plan. The Secretary General report says very clearly that the EULEX deployment and the transfer from UNMIK to EULEX will be done in coordination and in consolidation with the Kosovar authorities. Nothing will be done without Kosovo, and everything that will be done, Kosovo will be consulted. Importantly, the six-point plan is explicitly stated as an interim plan, not mandatory or obligatory to be implemented by anyone, and the UN's Presidential Declaration does not even mention the six-point plan"

    Peggy, Thaci is very diplomatic and is urging all the minorities, including the Albanian-Serbs /Kosovar-Serbs to integrate. They know who is telling them not to (Belgrade)

    Here's more:
    "The deployment of EULEX throughout Kosovo will be a critical element of the supervised independence for this new state, and it will benefit all of Kosovo citizens and contribute to Kosovo stability and stability of the region."

    Germany is not going to do anything, they got caught red-handed and are embarrased to death by the Kosova Police. Watch BND issue some more 'reports' but Germany will increase the aid :)
    (Albanez, 30 November 2008 23:33)
  13. Good luck trying to implement these 6-points on 2 million people with just a 2000 people mission.
    (Funcakes, 30 November 2008 22:27)
  14. Taci, this is the man whos dream is in tatters, the EU & UN agreed on the 6 point plan.

    Taci you have no real power your masters have the power, EU,UN Nato. You dont even control ALL of your so called state, hence why everyone is talking to Belgrade.

    Now even the Germans are against you.
    (dave(UK), 30 November 2008 21:27)
  15. The German agents in Kosovo were obviously collecting evidence to use in upcoming criminal indictments against the snake and many of the other criminals in Pristina masquerading as separatist leaders/politicians.The grenade attack on the ICO was used as justification for detaining the agents in order for the KLA to look at the evidence that these Germans had collected knowing full well that the Germans had no role in the grenade attack which the KLA itself committed as a pretext for arresting the Germans.One call from Angela Merkel and the snake had to be jilted back to reality about who really is in charge of the legal mechanisms in Pristina.Thaci and the KLA may be in charge of the criminal activities going on in Kosovo but they are delusional to think that their masquerade will last forever.
    (luciano, 30 November 2008 20:54)
  16. Mr. Thaci, when are you going to get this? Nobody is listening to you and six point are here to stay.

    You opinions don't seem to matter to the international community. They gave you a chance to govern Kosovo and you blew it when you segregated the Serbs behind barbed wire and allowed so many attacks on their children.

    You showed the world that you cannot be trusted and will only bring shame on the ones who helped you towards independence. How can they explain to the rest of the world why the Serbs and other non Albanians are still leaving Kosovo in fear and the some prevented from returning.
    Six points are going to stay and there is nothing you can do about it. Huff and puff all you like.
    (Peggy, 30 November 2008 20:54)
  17. "..six points are Belgrade's "bad dreams", saying that Priština's goal was to prevent the plan from becoming a part of any document."

    On paper according to preamble of the Resolution 1244 Kosova is part of Yugoslavia which is dead.
    There is no sign of Serbian soverignity in Kosova and Serbian people knows that REALITY. Discussing Kumanova agreement...? Why not UN resolution 1244? Serbia can hold into a dead resolution and Kosovars can hold to Kosova(o) without control from Serbia.
    (EA, 30 November 2008 20:40)
  18. Who gives a flying hawk what the snake says?!
    (Mangus, 30 November 2008 20:07)