1. Yep, its all Slobos propaganda, No one in Montenegro have ever been involved in anything illegal, all mafia that exists in Montenegro is actually serbs that are doing their criminal acts just to make Montenegro look bad.
    Tsar Milo is actually very poor, despite his cars and the mansion he lives in, they are just donated by succesfull businessmen abroad, despite serbian attempts to make Tsar Milo look bad in Italy.
    (Srboslav, 31 March 2008 09:50)
  2. It might be fashionable to blame Serbia for everything these days but Djukanovic's statement blaming this on the Belgrade media etc cannot wash.

    I hope that this investigation gets to the bottom of the cigarette smuggling in Djukanovic's Montenegro, not just whilst Milosevic was in power, but also post 2000 when it continued albeit to a lesser extent.
    (bganon, 30 March 2008 18:08)