Deliberate deception?

Washington Post reported how Palestinian militant group Hamas managed to deceive Israel so that it would not suspect that a major attack was about to take place

Source: B92, Tanjug
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  1. (Z, 11 December 2023 07:14)

    No, Israel did not have a clue what Hamas was planning. This is all BS with groups trying to cover their arses. What pissed off Israel was that Hamas planned and executed a brilliant military manoeuvre in front of them that made their military and intel services look downright stupid and incompetent.

    Hezbollah is powerful enough to take on Israel and take Galilee. They have sophisticated missiles (about 120,000) that can destroy Haifa and Tel Aviv completely. This is not Hezbollah of 2006. Its is far far better equipped, trained and disciplined army.

    Wrong again the Lebanese did NOT fight with Israel against Hezbollah. Don’t post crap. Do you have any original ideas or just repeat the word free? Are you sure you’re not Betsy?
    (sj, 12 December 2023 11:45)

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  2. Sydney is sick and as evil as Hamas.
    Payback, Sydney?
    Kidnapping innocent civilians, torturing, raping, mutilating and more, is what you call "payback"? Only barbarians fight this way.
    You are shameful.
    (Z, 11 December 2023 07:18)

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  3. Indeed Israel has excellent intelligence sources. Warnings were given to senior Commanders who ignored them. Many of these fools have already been removed from duty. But the real responsibility sits right at the top. There is no way that Israeli citizens will ever forget this.
    All those responsible for this misjudgement that led to such horror will eventually be held accountable. Presently the focus is this active war against Islamic militants, not just Hamas in Gaza but Hezbollah in Lebanon, which was once a beautiful and mostly Christian country. Many Lebanese have fought, with Israel, to eradicate Hezbollah which wants an oppressive Islamic state.
    Too many Lebanese know what it means to be a free, prosperous and peaceful nation. They want it to return.
    (Z, 11 December 2023 07:14)

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  4. The real reason was too much time alapse and Israel thought they are untouchable because On 8th May 2023 on BBC news and Washington Post ))
    What started this mess))
    USA encourages Isreal to keep bombing Hamas and North Syria. Then this happens ,
    At least 15 Palestinians, including three commanders of the militant group Islamic Jihad, have been killed in Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip.

    Palestinian health officials said eight women and children were among the dead. Another 22 people were injured.

    Israel said the Islamic Jihad leaders it targeted overnight were involved in recent attacks on Israeli civilians.

    Islamic Jihad has vowed revenge and Gaza-based militants are expected to respond with rocket fire into Israel.
    They did as a payback on 7th October 2023 )
    (Sydney Man, 7 December 2023 15:03)

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