1. He pointed out that what happened in the Council of Europe, talking about the approval of the request of the so-called Kosovo for entering that institution, was shameful.

    Shamefil is for the EU to leave Kosovo without visa liberalisation for such a long time...after Kosovo met all the required standards set ny the EU....Serbia never has been happy for any Kosovo success. Albanians are asking for no priviledges to be part for the EU but based on the merits.

    In short Serbia and Vucic wants that anything Kosovo wants "would need Serbia's permission" so he can sell it to Serbian public. Serbia clearly doesn't want EU, NATO...Kosovo aspiration is to join both. Serbia wants to livevin the Russian world...Albanians want the USA and EU....
    (EA, 28 April 2023 18:04)

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  2. EA,

    What Albanians in Koskvo want is irrelevant.

    Kosovo is and always will be Serbian. Commie Tito tried to change that.

    As Vučić and other Serb leaders have said, "be calm and strong".

    As to his health,how not to be affected by the usual pressures from both "East" and "West" ?

    Serbs will be victorious, we are in a chess game with those who only play checkers. What is new ?

    Stay strong !

    Celebrate victories, never forget to dance and sing and say Živeli !

    Our ancestors survived. So shall modern Srbija.
    (Betsy Lalich, 30 April 2023 03:44)

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