1. And in the meantime:

    1) Russia's economy will shrink from firing all these high-tech missiles and dragging out a war that they cannot win and only costs them big money to maintain after failing miserably at Kyiv, Kharkiv and Kherson.

    2) Russia will continue to lose its influence over the CSTO countries, none of which support Putin's idiotic war in Ukraine, and who after Russia's laughably bad performance in the war will certainly not view them as a guarantor of their security, not to mention how poorly they handled the Kyrgyz-Tajik and Armenian-Azeri conflicts diplomatically speaking. Watch them drift towards Turkey or China's sphere of influence.

    3) Western sanctions will freeze Russia's technological standing due to lack of parts and software and continue fuellingthe brain drain of smart and educated Russians from the country, leaving the village idiots and pensioners behind.

    Was it worth it, Vladek? You've lost Ukraine forever, you can't win this war and you are simply showing the world you are a no-good terrorist that only harms the Ukrainian people, the ones you say don't exist and are one with Russians. What a demented old fool.

    Slava Ukraini!
    (Peter Sudyka, 24 November 2022 22:10)

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