1. My point has been proven and here is the proof. Ukraine signing a peace agreement with countries from the South east Asia region. So, what’s the proof? The west is run by idiots who then appoint even bigger idiots to power. Just what has this got to do with what’s going on in Ukraine? “Isolate" Russia? This hairbrained scheme could have only been concocted by Jake Sullivan, a neocon twit that thinks he is smart. Rest assured he is an idiot.
    Its as if these countries that signed a “peace” deal with Ukraine are so stupid as to believe anything coming from Ukraine or the west. If that was the case then these same countries would have joined the US a long, long time ago and not maintained a neutral status on the subject.
    Americans are soooooo stupid.
    (sj, 10 November 2022 11:03)

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