1. America will NOT Allow Germany and Europe to purchase Russian Gas by Rail; and America Has Stated on Numerous Occasions; that it does NOT have friends or allies; But ONLY Interests; and so Pipelines and Cables Should NO longer be Placed Underwater; Because We Can Clearly Discern that it Was Gangster Colonialist Stand Over Merchants England and America that Blew Up the Nord Stream Pipeline.

    It is More than Obvious; Even to Germany, and the German People, and Everyone Else that the Anglo Saxons Blew Up the Nord Stream Pipeline; so as to Fully Puppetize Germany, and the European Union; with American Only GAS BLACKMAIL Sales; by NOT Allowing Germany and Europe to purchase Russian Gas by Rail; and it is to Ensure Puppetship for WW 3, and for the END of the WORLD, We WILL see if the American Voters have the same Vile Attitude to Friends and Allies, and People in General; as DOES Victoria (F*** the European Union) Nuland; and as DOES the Biden Anti Human Warmongers; Who ARE Hardened and Compulsive LIARS; Who ONLY do BAD All the Time, and the American Midterm Elections are a Referendum on This!

    Russia Would NOT Deliberately Rid Itself of Trade with Europe, NOR of Peace and Prosperity in Europe; NOR would Russia reduce its Gas Revenue, and ONLY the EVIL Anglo American Empire DID THIS.
    (Yet Another J S, 2 October 2022 05:38)

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