1. Don’t worry Mr. Vucic gays are not violent. It is your own thugs you must fear!
    (Tim Hoyt, 17 September 2022 02:39)

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  2. If Belrade is under "siege", that is wording that represents a lack of democracy and civility.

    If a group suddenly decides to gather against another group, with a usual planned event, they are simply provocateurs.

    Oh dear Serbia, how you love to destroy yourselves, and too often. At the same time you love to blame others for your troubles. This only sounds like small children fighting over a small piece of candy.

    Do you not see better things to focus on ?

    This Serbjan mentality is quite repulsive and beneath your true dignity.

    And in those churches, that supposedly pray to God...what will your prayers be ?
    Will God be in favor of evil words or deeds ?
    I think not.
    (Betsy Lalich, 16 September 2022 17:29)

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