1. Good People Everywhere; Send their Condolences to the Family and Friends of the late President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev; and while Opinions of him are vardied; I Think that he Was a Good man, with Good Intentions for Europe and the Rest World; But Anglo AmeriKKKa, Nazi NATO, and its DeSSpiKKKable Groveling Puppet of the Larger KKKountrieSS of the European Union; Are Only SSKKKeeming and Doing What is BAD and EVIL All of the Time.

    There Are People who Think that the mark on his Forhead was the Mark of the Beast; But the Mark of the Beast is an InviSSible Mark; that iSS ViSSible to the Discerning and Knowledgable Person; SSuch aSS GUILT iSS Written ALL Over People’s FaceSS, and iSS ExpreSSed by SSuch ThingSS aSS the ChineSSe Anti SSocial SSySStem, KKKoronaviruSS PaSSportSS, Face MarkSS, Hindering and Preventing the Growing Food in the NetherlandSS, SStealing KKKoSSovo, SSanKKKtionSS on Russia; etc, etc, and Has to be Implemented by Hand; Which iSS the MarKKK of the BeaSSt on the Hand (Revelation 13:15-18).
    (Yet Another J S, 1 September 2022 06:26)

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