1. I am waiting for the elections to pass, and then I will show you something new in the armament of the Serbian Army, to see how much stronger we are", said Vučić.
    DAMN......If you will tell your own kind for almost 30 yesrs the real story why your factory get bombed things will be a way more different and Serbia no need to spend money on steel ,Serbia will be long time part of the EU before dozen of country's ,so you and others don't want it because it's faster to get rich somewhere when you are untouchable and have control in everything from media feeding your kind with lies and propaganda and forget about someone going after the corruption because all of them are part of it as they say in every country when people are poor they leader are the most richest..I'm wondering why!!???
    (Justhetruth, 30 March 2022 21:51)

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