1. How nice of Vlad the Terrible to "allow" people to leave their own city! Then what Vlad? You quietly but brutally and illegally, declare Kyiv as your own.
    This tyrant is insane !
    (Betsy Lalich, 1 March 2022 06:43)

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  2. "All civilians in the city can freely leave" ????? Eeee???

    They are at their HOME!!!

    GO F@@ck yourself.... and f@@ck-off the hands from Ukraine!

    A child died today there...a lot of people are dying there...

    Leaving were you m..f.
    O God, I'm angry!
    (Joni, 28 February 2022 23:36)

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  3. Can you at least give them a ride? Oh no you have enough fuel for yourself. LOL
    (Who, 28 February 2022 20:26)

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