1. If Putin isnít going to invade he should withdraw his troops.

    If he does invade heís a liar because he said he wouldnít.

    There was a referendum when 90% of Ukraine voted for independence. I donít think that he will be very happy trying to rule people who donít want to be part of his little empire.
    (Bob, 31 January 2022 19:18)

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  2. Good thing Ukraine has a comedian for a President as he would appoint clowns to the Cabinet such as Dmytro Kuleba .

    This invasion bullshit goes on and on. First it was rumoured to take place late November then first half of December then late December. Then it was in early January and now its after the Winter Olympic games.

    Nevertheless Ukraine should not worry since the US and NATO are there to protect them? In spirit only of course.
    (sj, 31 January 2022 08:24)

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