1. Did genocide occur in Rwanda? Yes, it certainly did, but not the kind as claimed occurred in Srebrenica. Rwanda was real genocide in accordance to the UN charter on genocide.
    While Srebrenica is a fallacy to belittle the Serbs since they made monkeys out of the US. The act of genocide means the extermination of men, women and children and that certainly did not occur in Srebrenica.
    Now why do we have this western clown declaring that the French played a role in the genocide in Rwanda by remaining inactive despite being warned. Why after 27 years does Macron make this statement? Do you think its remorse and seeking a clear conscious? No, it’s not.
    It’s all about Chinese influence in Africa and now we have many other former European colonial masters apologising for their behaviour and thinking their former colonial servants/slaves would take a different view and return to the fold rather than allow the Chinese to remain there.
    All I can say is read what the Belgians did in the Congo during their stay there and you might get a hint of how successful this call will be. The other masters were no different.
    For 75 years they ruled Congo:
    “The colonial administration wielded control over the native population by imposing a regime of terror, and there were frequent mass killings and mutilations. Violence and terrorism were the means adopted to impose the will of the Belgian king and the trading agents over the African people.”
    (sj, 29 May 2021 14:24)

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