1. Rusty.........

    You didnt read the article, did you???

    You just read the headline, right??

    How about you read the whole thing, apologise for your stupid and uninformed comment.

    Stop making a laughing stock of yourself.......
    (View from the uk, 16 June 2020 20:57)

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  2. This was a decision that came from Brussels and was based on the public health data and some fear of the recent days. It had nothing to do with Serb tourists. It was refering to the citizens of the non members of Schengen agreement. The whole issue is already settled.
    (Nikos, 16 June 2020 19:53)

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  3. This is why Serbia needs to join the EU. Apparently, it is not enough if Bulgaria and Greece are Serbia’s Orthodox brothers. I doubt this would have happened if Russia and China had shared borders with Serbia. Or would it?
    (Rusty, 15 June 2020 23:19)

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