1. I only digest state propaganda, because my life is rich. Those Albos are no good. Look at the photo.

    I also listen only to state approved music. It’s always the good music
    (Bedrana, 4 March 2020 04:34)

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  2. This photo is a living proof.
    Vucic leads, Thaci follows.
    (Ljiljana, 3 March 2020 13:34)

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  3. I unilaterally re-established railroad connection between Ataman and Republic of Mbuka Mbeke. Hooray!
    But I won't tell you any detail of tariffs, passenger and freight schedule.

    This means, there is official railroad traffic between Ataman and Mbuka Mbeke and it is a major political break-through.

    Jokes aside, what we see is even worse because it was brokered by a country with worst passenger traffic among all industrial nations and they can't manage Amtrak properly.

    You expect from them what?
    (Ataman, 3 March 2020 05:18)

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