1. @Skopian

    You are one to lecture on "propaganda". Are modern Jews hostile to ancient Jewish cultural and language? Are modern Germans hostile towards ancient German language and culture? Rather bizarre how you try to link yourself to ancient Macedonians, founders of the Hellenistic period, then are antihellenic? Not only are you NOT Macedonian, you are antiMacedonian. Ancient Macedonians would have despised you for being antihellenic.

    Skopians like you are living proof the Prespa agreement is worthless. Fanatics that shamelessly try to link yourselves to Alexander, in violation of Prespa, make up half of your population. You have no incentive to change your behavior because most of those that ridiculously called you "Macedonians" lack the integrity to admit they made a mistake. Antihellenic bigots the lot of you.
    (Greek, 13 May 2019 16:48)

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  2. @ Greek

    Can you please just stop regurgitating the same old official propaganda your employer at the Bureau of propaganda in Athens pays you to write, and try to use your intellect to have a genuine free debate based on logic and facts? But I guess your employer won’t let you, so I will reluctantly just have to join the ‘boycott’ movement of all online media that gives you and your co-workers in the bureau a forum to spread your misinformation.

    Put simply if you were to write the same things you write about Macedonians, about any other country, you would have been blocked long ago. For example if you were to have said that Egyptians are not really Egyptian because they don’t speak ancient Egyptian now, but were really just ‘West Saudi Arabian’ or ‘South Jordanian or East Libyan, because they share a language and religion, you would have been laughed at and called a racist, but for same strange reason Greece seem to get a free pass when it comes to Macedonians right to self-determination.
    (Republic of Ancient Macedonia, 10 May 2019 04:18)

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  3. @Skopian propagandist

    Tell your historical garbage to the patronizing antihellenic bigots that ridiculously recognized you as "ethnic" Macedonians. They obviously lack the integrity to admit they made a mistake recognizing you. Maybe they will be stupid enough to continue to believe your persecution sob stories.

    There is global academic consensus you are a new ethnic group, Most of your ancestors used to self-identify as Bulgarian "Macedonians" prior to Yugoslav communalists. Your language used to be called Bulgarian. That's facts whether you like them or not.

    Not the fault of Greeks you lie about history and now pretend you;ve always called yourselves Macedonians. It doesn't take rocket science to figure out anti-Hellenic Slavs are not founders of the Hellenistic period.
    (Greek, 10 May 2019 00:31)

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  4. @Greek (Greek, 3 May 2019 17:17) wow I notice you worked 17 minutes overtime at the Bureau of Misinformation in Athenians. btw how much do you get paid working at the Bureau? Is it per post or letter?

    Anyway to answer your question about the link between modern and ancient Macedonia, i’ll use the example presented by Bulgaria and Egypt.

    Official Bulgarian history claims that modern Bulgarians are a union of the ancient Thracian people, the original Turkic speaking Bulgars and Slavs. The story goes that following the Slavic settlement of the Balkans in the 6th century AD, the Thracian, Turkic Bulgars and Slavic peoples intermarried and formed the modern state, the Turkic speaking Bulgari and ancient Thracian peoples agreed to adopted the Slavic language as their official language and the Slavs and Thracians agreed to call themselves after the Bulgar’s, and presto modern Bulgaria was formed.

    The official history of modern Egypt is even easier to follow, historians suggest that following the mass settlement of Arabic speaking people into Egypt in the 7thc, the ancient Egyptians and the Arab peoples intermarried and formed the modern Egyptian nation (an Arabic speaking Egyptian nation),

    So why is it that when someone says that the Ancient Macedonians intermarried with the Slavic speaking settlers in the 6th Century and formed a Slavic speaking Macedonian nation, you get upset?
    (Republic of Ancient Macedonia, 6 May 2019 03:45)

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  5. @skopian

    You, and your foreign apologists, are so ignorant about Macedonian history you have even confused Skopje with the ancient Kingdom of Macedonia.

    Contrary to the propagagda propagated by Gruevki's made-in-Italy giant Alexander statue in Skopje.. the homeland of Alexander is in Macedonia Greece. Skopje is the homeland of the ancient Peaonians -- who I would note weren't Skopians either.

    Fanatics like you are like some Arabs in Israel that attempt to insinuate they are the "real' descendants of ancient Israel -- while simultaneously being antisemetic. Racist ultra nationalist fanatics like you would shamelessly say anything. Even your posts here on this very thread, demonstrate Greek security concerns over recognition were valid.

    Unfortunately most of those that called you "Macedonians" lack the integrity to admit they made a mistake. They act like national recognition is some absolute then flip flop when its issues that concern their own security. Kosovo is a perfect example of this. Serbs do not recognize it. Greece showed goodwill to Serbia by not recognizing it and Serbs in return spit on Greeks by recognizing Skopje.
    (Greek, 3 May 2019 17:17)

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  6. @Skopian

    why is that the world's entire academic community, other than Skopians, say that Skopians only started calling yourselves "ethnic Macedonians" in the modern era.

    A. Because the entire world is lying about history and out to ethnic cleanse you?

    B. Or is because it's a historical fact that you didn't call yourselves "ethnic Macedonians" leading all the way back to antiquity as Gruevski, UMD, and any similar brain dead propagandists claim?

    Can you answer the question truthfully?
    (Greek, 3 May 2019 15:23)

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  7. @Skopian

    I answered the essence of your question.Greeks are genetically related to ancient Greeks. If you are arguing about assimilation - any that occurseventually becomes part of the common ethnic consciousness as they mix with the local population.

    This doesn't only apply to Greece though. For instance most of the Queen of Britain's ancestors were Germans would couldn't even speak English. Today though her grandchildren are a mixture and thus have become assimilated Brits that primarily speak English. They no longer identify as Germans.

    This is far different than SKopians though. None of you were "ethnic" Macedonians to begin with. You are mostly Bulgarians that got turned into "Ethnic" Macedonian through propaganda. IMRO, a Bulgarian organization, started these games. Then Yugoslav communists erased the ethnic Bulgarian context of your regional Macedonian presence. Then Gruevski and some of your incompetent diaspora (e.g UMD) helped turn half of you into "ancient Macedonians". (the other half of Skopians being moderates)

    The irony that both any extremist Skopians and your moronic antihellenic foreign apologists have missed... by now suddenly claiming to be founders of the Hellenistic period, you are effectively claiming to be the "real" Hellenes -- that hate Hellenism.
    (Greek, 3 May 2019 14:59)

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  8. @Greek, why is it that you can’t accept that Macedonians exist in ‘Skopje’, but you have no problem accepting that Arvanitika/Albainian speaking ‘Athenians’ could miraculously become direct descendants of Ancient Greece in 1829? Or that Pontian refugees who settled in South Macedonia in 1922 could magically become ‘real Macedonians’ in 1988 when Greece renamed its northern province to ‘Macedonia and Thrace’.
    (Republic of Ancient Macedonia, 3 May 2019 02:37)

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  9. @Skopian

    Greeks don't hide that we called ourselves Romans but unlike you Skopians we were not just any Romans. We were Greek speaking ones or ones that belonged the Greek Orthodox Rum Millet whose services were in Koine Greek.. the language plastered all over ancient Macedonian artifacts.

    This is quite unlike you Skopians who shamelessly hide that most of you called yourselves Bulgarian "Macdonians" prior to Yugoslav communists. Fanatics like you lie and lie by pretending you've always called yourselves "ethnic" Macedonians -- omitting the ethnic Bulgarian regional context.

    When you stop lying about history, and the antihellenic bigots that supported stop trying to hide their mistake of recognizing you frauds as "ethnic" Macedonians maybe someone with half a brain stem will take you seriously.

    I dont't care what our the Marxism moron that currently runs Greece ageed to. I will never call you frauds "Macedonians". There are moderates within Skopje but too many of you are fanatics that violate Prespa for it to work. You have no incentivre to change your behavior because most of those that ridiculously recognizing you as "Macedonians" are antihellenic bigots that lack the integrity to admit they made a mistake.

    You are living proof of this. And the fact few of the foreigners the recognized you frauds condemn your behavior is just more evidence I'm right.
    (Greek, 2 May 2019 15:17)

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  10. @Skopians who violates the Prespa agreement by trying ton insinustae you are related to ancient Macedonians.

    You are like some Hamas fanatics that ridiculously claim they are the "real" jews simply because they were the majority in Palestine during Ottoman times.

    I've heard the urban myth that modern Greeks are unrelated to ancient Greeks a million times over... told by incompetent narrating patronizing bigots that have never bothered to check peer reviewed genetic studies that compare modern and ancient Greek DNA.


    The better question is if fanatics like you now claim to be founders of the Hellenstic period.. why would you be anti-Helleninic? Why wouldn't you want to speak the Greek language of your own alleged ancestors. Why would you give Slavic rather than the original Macedonian names to Macedonian cities? And why is it the entire academic community, globally, is in agreement your so-called "Macedonian" ethnic group is a new one not an old one.

    Reality check. You are not an iota more "ethnic" Macedonian than your 19th century self-identifying ethnic Bulgarian ancestors.
    (Greek, 2 May 2019 15:00)

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  11. One does not become a Bulgarian by moving to China. (Greek, 28 April 2019 20:59)

    Nice quote, but how is it that Albanian speaking Arvanitiks who moved to Peloponnese in the 16th Century now somehow magically became Ancient Greek in 1829?

    Or how is it that Pontian refugees from eastern Asia Minor who settled in South Macedonia in 1922 (after the ‘great population exchange’ between Greece and Turkey), now somehow magically become Ancient Macedonians in 1988 (direct descendants of Alexander the Great no less)?
    (Republic of Ancient Macedonia, 1 May 2019 03:41)

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  12. @. Greek
    I understand what you are saying. It is true Greeks and Slavs are culturally 2 distinct groups. The only point I am trying to make is that southern Balkan people are similar from a scientific standpoint which stands to reason as they geographically close together. Why do you think my profile scores very low compared with Serbia yet we speak the same language
    (Sam D, 30 April 2019 03:04)

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  13. One does not become a Bulgarian by moving to China.

    There is only one way to become Macedonian... either move to Macedonia Greece and become a civic Macedonian or marry a Macedonian Greek.

    And it works that same in every country. One doesn't become Bulgarian by marrying someone Chinese and moving to Peru. One doesn't become Jewish by joining Hamas and moving to Afghanistan. Greeks are no different.

    Unfortunately patronizing bigoted hypocrites treat our history like candy to be handed out to other countries. With their own histories they aren't so generous.
    (Greek, 28 April 2019 20:59)

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  14. If Skopians really saw themselves as related to ancient Macedonians, aka founder of the Hellenistic period, the would hardly be anti-Hellenic. They would give Greek rather than Slavic names to their cities. They would speak Greek. They would consider Greeks their brothers. Not only are Skopians NOT Macedonians but they are effectively anti-Macedonians.

    And those that look the other way as they bizarre attempt to usurp the very identity Greeks... you are all what's known as ethnic cleansers. Rather than show integrity by condemning their bizarre behavior, you try to hide your mistake of calling them "Macedonians". You are the sorts of people that looked the other way as Jews were carted off to concentration camps.
    (Greek, 28 April 2019 20:53)

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  15. Pretty much any geneticist not involved in for-profit DNA industry will tell you they peddle crackpot science. There is no way to break down DNA along national borders the way they claim to do. They don't follow DNA though time (e.g. don't use ancient samples). And they don't do a full DNA sequencing.

    There is no doubt human beings have mixed but this does give a neighbouring countries gets dibs on another groups history. Thee is a flow to history and our cultural and linguistic choices as well.

    This is why Hungarians cannot claim Confucius as one of their own. George Washington wasn't a Mexican. And ancient Macedonians, self-determined Hellenes, were not Slavs. Period.
    (Greek, 28 April 2019 20:47)

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  16. OK everybody let’s calm down. It appears, based upon my 23andMe dna results that many of us are one in the same
    All four of my grandparents are from the coastal area of Montenegro
    See below the results

    Greek & Balkan

    Highly Likely Match
    Likely Match
    Likely Match
    Likely Match
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Likely Match
    Likely Match
    Possible Match
    Possible Match
    Possible Match
    Not Detected

    Greece shows the highest likely match with Serbia and Macedonia far down on the list yet we speak Serbian not Greek. So what does all this mean ? It means we are all mixed together making geographic borders irellivent from a scientific point of view
    (Sam D, 27 April 2019 21:23)

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  17. @Skopian

    MOst Foreign nationalists don't care if you call yourselves ethnic Athenians. They all know you have nothing to do with ancient Macedonians but can't be bothered to deal with your bizarre behavior.

    If you stopped lying to everyone (including yourselves) you would go back to calling yourselves Bulgarians. Everyone in the region knows you are mostly descendants of Bulgarians. It's not the fault of Greeks fanatics like you shamelessly hide your own Bulgarian heritage and pretend to be related to ancient Macedonians. It's your own fault.
    (Greek, 27 April 2019 18:52)

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  18. @Skopian

    Typical Skopian response. Tell you pity propaganda to the antihellenic bigots that supported you. They obviously lack the integrity to admit they made a mistake recognizing you.
    If you feel some wrong was done by Greeks for liberating Macedonia from the Turks, who took over the region from Greeks a few centuries prior, you are welcome to give back Skopje to the Turks. Your Hypocrisy isn't an argument.

    "We don’t want to be enemies, we just want our human right'

    More manipulative garbage. Human rights doesn't include the right to manipulate names to promote irredentism against Greece. Human rights doesn't include trying to usurp someone else's identity. You the very evil you claim to be against.

    And it is fanatics like you why Prespa will not work. The majority of you continue to violate the agreement despite that the moderates in Skopje agreed to a name change and admit they are unrelated to ancient Macedonians.

    Fanatics like you have no incentive to change behavior because your foreign apologists look the other way to hide their mistake of recognizing you obvious frauds.
    (Greek, 27 April 2019 18:44)

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  19. @ Greek

    Typical Greek hysteria coming out yet again. Greek Macedonia only became greek when 1 million Pontiac Greeks were settled in the 1920’s with simulataneous expulsion and assimilation of the local Macedonia population over the next 50 years. We’ll documented and even acknowledged in your very own Greek parliament


    You need to recognise these facts and get over your denial Greek. Only then will you stop with this hysteria anytime anything Macedonian is mentioned. We don’t want to be enemies, we just want our human rights.
    (Makedonec, 25 April 2019 06:45)

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  20. @Tony

    What Slavs in Greece? According to VMRO nationalists they aren;t Slavs but founders of the Hellenistic period and that Greeks are "occupying" Macedonia... while masses of patronizing antihellenic bigots that ridiculously recognized them as "ethnic" Macedonians evade.

    You have the audacity to lecture Greeks on alleged "fascism" when you yourself collude in subtle attempt to ethnic cleanse Greeks? Bigoted hypocrite.
    (Greek, 25 April 2019 00:07)

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  21. Why is real Macedonia in quotes? It's unfortunate that masses of patronizing antihellenic bigots confused the ancient kingdom of Paeonia (Skopje) with ancient Macedonia... the homeland of Alexander... located in Greece.
    (Greek, 23 April 2019 23:38)

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  22. Greek fascists are the worst. What about the civil rights of the slavic community in the North of Greece? They have been trampled on for decades, especially in their province of Macedonia. Greece should have been thrown out of the EU years ago.
    (Tony (a Brit seconded to Berlin), 23 April 2019 18:05)

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