1. Since everything has to be Albanian here, there you go.
    A certain man, who rumoured to be of Albanian origin, (field) Marešal Mustafa Kemal was known to be a strict airplane-denial.

    In addition to that he claimed that the well-developed railway is the backbone of a country's economic progress.

    As a result take a look at the railways of Greece vs. the railways of Turkey today.

    All my sympathy goes to Greece, but please use a common sense.

    The common sense is that today I should board a NightJet train in BP, wake up in the morning in PR, explain all the IT topics there to our (hopefully numerous!) customers - and take the same NightJet back.

    Of course, no border controls and similar sh*t.

    And of course the Ibar railway should be double-tracked, certified for 160 kmh in mountains, 250 kmh elsewhere.

    Dream? I believe, we will see a manned Mars station first than that.

    Say "thanks" for all nationalist *ssholes, they f*cked up your life.

    I am just an American - Russian Jew, all I need is to sell some stuff we make. I believe, I will die sooner, than being able to sell you our stuff.
    (Ataman, 29 January 2019 18:26)

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  2. Great! Now this is real news!
    (JS, 28 January 2019 16:54)

    Do not want to spoil your good mood - but today the *izzAir was (again) sued because they conveniently forgot in Dubai the luggage of passengers.


    In a better world it shouldn't take more, than four and half hours from Nis to BP and more than seven from Nis to Vienna. By train, I mean.
    (Ataman, 29 January 2019 01:23)

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  3. Excellent news.
    (Tony (a Brit seconded to Berlin), 29 January 2019 00:47)

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  4. Great! Now this is real news!
    (JS, 28 January 2019 16:54)

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