Syria, Jordanís armies in serious border clash

DAMASCUS -- The Syrian conflict has spilled over the border into Jordan in the most serious clashes between the two countriesí forces since the uprising began.

President Bashar al-Assadís military fired on refugees trying to cross into Jordan in the Tel Shihab-Turra area, according to a Syrian opposition activist.

Jordanian forces responded, he said, prompting an exchange of fire that lasted an hour.

Initial reports indicated there were no casualties on their side, said a Jordanian military source.

In Aleppo, rebels said they would hit back after being forced to withdraw from key areas due to heavy bombardment.

Assad’s military strength had enough firepower to repel the rebels from Damascus but regaining control of Syria’s second city is proving more difficult.

Residents have been taking advantage of lulls in the fighting to flee.

The U.S. has imposed another round of sanctions, including against Hezbollah. Washington accuses the Lebanese militant group of aiding the Syrian regime.

Great Britain has announced more than EUR 6mn worth of non-lethal aid for the opposition Free Syria Army.