"Dialogue chance for Kosovo compromise"

BELGRADE -- Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanović said late on Tuesday that the EU-mediated Belgrade-Priština dialogue was an opportunity to reach "a historic compromise".

Goran Bogdanović (FoNet, file)
Goran Bogdanović (FoNet, file)

It could also serve to achieve "reconciliation, as well as to come to a solution that would satisfy both sides in a new international environment", said he.

"I am sure this is an opportunity to get to a historic compromise and historic reconciliation because the problems in the relations between Serbs and Albanians have already been there over the past few centuries,” Bogdanović told B92.

He said it was good that Priština and Belgrade had come to the dialog, and that the daily life problems burdening both Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija would finally be talked about.

“We will never recognize Kosovo as an independent creation, and it is good that these discussions have not been given a fixed term and that participants in the talks will not go to Brussels with ready-made solutions,” said Bogdanović.

Bogdanović also stated that the goal of the talks was to solve everyday problems in Kosovo, but also the issue of its status, noting that any item on the agenda will be "burdened" by this question.