Bosniak arrested over false "ethnic hatred" complaints

SUBOTICA -- A Bosniak man in northern Serbia is under arrest for staging and then reporting incidents made to look like hate crime.

Serbian police (MUP) in Subotica say they yesterday detained Samir K., 35, on suspicion that he threw a Molotov cocktail at his own house, in addition to spraying nationalist graffiti, and then reported this.

The suspect was further found in illegal possession of firearms and explosives, and will be charged with causing ethnic, racial and religious hatred and intolerance, as well as with attempted murder in an unrelated incident.

His claims started to unravel when the suspect on Tuesday reported he was a victim of an attempted murder. But a subsequent police investigation determined that he in fact tried to commit suicide with a gun he illegally owned.

Besides Samir, his father Zijad K. is also suspected by MUP of throwing Molotov cocktails on their house and spraying it with hate graffiti allegedly written against them by nationalists, and then reporting this to the police.

MUP says the motive for all this was to seek political asylum abroad.

In addition, last year, Samir K. fired from a pistol in the yard of his family home in an attempt to murder a man identified as Karolj S.

Beta news agency has received confirmation from several sources that the suspect is the same person who spoke to the media about being a victim of ethnic intolerance, when he told reporters that his house came under a Molotov cocktail attack.

The family was then visited by state ombudsman Saša Janković.