Killer boy's no genius: A gruesome detail allows him to kill without mercy or remorse

An excellent student with many extracurricular activities. Mom and dad's pride, the "little genius", as they called him.

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Saturday, 13.05.2023.


Killer boy's no genius: A gruesome detail allows him to kill without mercy or remorse
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Killer boy's no genius: A gruesome detail allows him to kill without mercy or remorse

And indeed, the way in which the killer boy planned the mass massacre at the elementary school "Vladislav Ribnikar" leads one to think that he is an above-average intelligent person: he made a floor plan of the school, a list of peers who present "primary targets", Molotov cocktails...

He picked a precise weapon from his father's collection and timed the attack when his class VII/2 was closest to the school entrance and the school policewoman was far away. Can someone who is not far above average, who is not an "evil genius" do all that at just 13 years of age?

Psychological profile of the killer boy

A "Blic" source close to the investigation says that not everything is as it seems at first glance. He makes a shocking claim: according to everything we know so far, the killer boy is, in fact - intellectually average!

"Not a genius at all, as stated. It is possible that he was bothered by the others in class, because he had to, for example, put in more effort in order to achieve the success of one of his victims, or to please his parents who, according to everything we know, demanded impeccable success from him. It can be said that they brought him up spartanly," says the "Blic" source.

As the media reported, the parents of the killer boy were very proud of their "little genius", as they called him, because in addition to his duties at the elite school, he also attended numerous extracurricular activities. He spoke foreign languages, went to an acting school, a music school, practiced sports, won city competitions, was an honors student.

Did so much pressure from hyper ambitious parents leave tragic consequences on the killer boy's psyche? This is supported by the recent statement of Mina Zirojević, a member of the Council of Parents at "Vladislav Ribnikar" Primary School. Zirojevic stated that, according to what she could hear from students who knew the killer boy, it was noted that he was competitive and that he used to fight a bit with kids who might have been better than him in some class.

"Now it is being said that this is exactly the motive and that no one harassed him from that shift," said Mina Zirojević at the time.

It is assumed that there are no congenital physical anomalies in the brain

The killer boy is in isolation at the clinic. In such cases, although this one is difficult to compare with any other, there are usually three experts in the observation team.

"Blic's" source says that the practice is to carry out a whole battery of expertise and additional diagnostics, such as, for example and in layman's terms, analysis of the structure of the central nervous system through a scanner. However, the killer boy is assumed to have no congenital physical anomalies. So far, we have learned from reliable sources that the killer boy shows no remorse.

He is cold and calm, he did not ask to contact anyone, nor is he interested in his parents. His only preoccupations are contained in two questions he asks: "When do I go out?" and "What is the impact of what I did?".

Absence of guilt and remorse?

Based on this information, experts firmly believe that the killer boy for some reason does not have an important personality component, the so-called superego, formed.

According to the theory of Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, the superego is the ethical component of one's personality that gives the person in question moral standards on the basis of which he behaves. The superego develops mainly during the first five years of a child's life, as a reaction to parental punishment or approval. In doing so, the child absorbs the moral standards of his parents, the traditions of the family and the society in which he grows up, and a superego is formed in him, which controls aggression and other socially undesirable impulses.

When a child has a properly developed superego, he feels guilt or anxiety when violating the ethical standards set by his superego and has a need to atone for his mistakes. None of that exists with the killer boy. He does not feel guilty and, moreover, eagerly awaits the moment when he will be released from the clinic, and he thought that it should happen at any moment. He doesn't even get sedatives because he is completely calm. He doesn't need them!

"He has no feelings, except for himself and his needs," says the "Blic" source.

High risk in the future of repeating the crime

The source of "Blic" states that all this indicates a huge risk that the killer boy will repeat the same or a similar crime, if he has the opportunity.

"Nobody can rule out that huge risk," says Blic's interlocutor familiar with the case.

What does the future hold for the killer boy?

For now, it is not known exactly what kind of therapy will be given to the killer boy, nor where he will be placed in the long term, but it is certain that that decision will not be made these days. There are several options in circulation, and the only thing that is certain is that there is no chance of him being sent back to school in any of them.

The interlocutor of "Blic" says that the killer boy cannot go to prison because he committed the massacre when he was only 13 years old and is considered not criminally responsible. However, he may be given a medical measure of treatment in one of the specialized health institutions.

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