Mayor of Pirot revealed who is responsible for the ammonia leak VIDEO

Due to the overturning of the wagons and the spilling of ammonia in Pirot, there was concern.

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Tuesday, 27.12.2022.


Mayor of Pirot revealed who is responsible for the ammonia leak VIDEO

Mayor of Pirot revealed who is responsible for the ammonia leak VIDEO

"We had another team for emergency situations and we had a report of water and air quality measurements. All the results are more than good and everyone can see the results, which were obtained through a mobile station," explains the mayor of Pirot, Vladan Vasić.

"Based on the results, we sent a report to "Batut" and during the day, after receiving the report, we will decide whether to cancel the recommendations and orders on whether schools and kindergartens are closed, and then we will vote during the day. We will not cancel the state of emergency until tankers and wagons are removed from the scene," he added.

After the mayor, the Minister of Environmental Protection, Irena Vujović, addressed the media.

"It was immediately decided that the ministry and the environmental protection agency should urgently send a measuring station, which measures the level of ammonia in the air. We installed that parameter in that station. It took us some time, but we have the first results. The level of ammonia in the air is below the limit values", Vujović explained.

"When the location is safe and the wagons and tanks are removed, republican inspectors will take samples from the soil," he clarified.

"According to the law on the transportation of dangerous goods, the transporter is responsible, but all the facts will be determined by a subsequent investigation. We are all interested in who is responsible," explained Mayor Vasić.

He added that traffic will be restored once the ammonia leak stops.

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