Is this the beginning of the end for Zelensky?

Western support for Ukraine is beginning to weaken, the signing of peace with Russia will mark the end of Zelensky, says Bulgarian historian Alexander Sivilov.

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Thursday, 21.09.2023.


Is this the beginning of the end for Zelensky?
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Is this the beginning of the end for Zelensky?

"Without the help of the West, Ukraine will end its participation in the war in the near future. But a much bigger problem will arise for Volodymyr Zelensky and his entourage. If he ends the war now, their lives are over, because they will be pursued by their own Nazis, they are now the most confident people fighting on the front against Russia," the historian said.

Sivilov added that Ukrainian President is therefore doing everything possible to prolong the war.

"At this session of the United Nations, we saw that the world's support for Zelensky is starting to decline rapidly. This was also noticeable based on the statements of the President of Colombia, who called for the immediate establishment of peace. This was also noticeable by the announcement of the Hungarian President, who did not speak specifically about the war, although there was also a call that it is better to end the war," the expert emphasized.

According to him, she criticized the Ukrainian Government for not respecting the rights of ethnic minorities in Ukraine. The historian explained that the President of Hungary pointed out that 150 thousand Hungarians live in Ukraine and that this shows a worrying trend that has been talked about for a long time.

"It is the idea that Ukraine ceases to exist and that countries like Poland and Hungary tear off parts of it where people live who, from their point of view, are their ethnic population," Sivilov pointed out.

He emphasized that the beginning of the end has clearly started. "It sounds strange, but it seems that events are taking place in that direction. The expected incredible visit of Zelensky to the UN can turn into a serious fiasco," underlined Sivilov.

In addition, he concluded, the UN itself is beginning to turn into a serious failure. Previously, Russia's permanent representative to the UN Vasiliy Nebenzya assessed that today's UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine was nothing more than a spectacle. The session of the 78th UN General Assembly, which brings together world leaders, prime ministers and heads of diplomacy from almost 200 countries, began in New York.

A special high-level meeting of the UN Security Council is being held on September 20 and is dedicated to the armed conflict in Ukraine. The Russian delegation called the event a political performance in advance.

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