Russian soldiers fear of becoming "cannon fodder" They addressed Putin directly VIDEO

Russian soldiers recorded a video message for the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in which they complain about the current events on the battlefield.

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Tuesday, 28.02.2023.


Russian soldiers fear of becoming
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Russian soldiers fear of becoming "cannon fodder" They addressed Putin directly VIDEO

The video was published on the Telegram social channel and the faces of the soldiers are hidden on it.

The soldiers explained that they were mobilized from the Irkutsk region in the 1439th regiment of the Russian army.

They were sent to the First Slavic Brigade (FSB) of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic and claim that their deployment to the FSB was the first illegal act of the Russian command.

The soldiers believe that the actions of the FSB command were inadequate after the formation of a mobilized assault unit in one day, which, they claim, justified the fear of the mobilized Russians that they would be used as "cannon fodder".

In a follow-up message to Putin, they complain that the newly formed assault unit was thrown into battle without artillery, ground, air or reconnaissance support. Moreover, the mobilized were pushed as the first wave of attack, while they were shelled from behind by their own unit.

"We are all expendable. The only chance to return to Russia is to be wounded," the Russian soldier explains the situation in his address.

He says that his colleagues do not know the names or ranks of their FSB commanders. Their FSB commanders even refuse to talk to them.

"The FSB commanders are shooting machine guns and BMPs at our mobilized soldiers..., our lives are unimportant to the FSB command..., our command does not even know the real combat situation at the battlefield, we are losing every day," the address added.

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