The end of NATO, everything is set for a collapse?

NATO is waiting for disintegration, this point of view was expressed by the experts of certain French media.

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Thursday, 29.12.2022.


The end of NATO, everything is set for a collapse?
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The end of NATO, everything is set for a collapse?

As they stated, this will happen after the relations between the Russian Federation and Germany improve.

They believe that the collapse of NATO began in Kabul in August 2021, when the US chaotically and disorderly withdrew its soldiers from Afghanistan. To this day, the process of disintegration of the North Atlantic Alliance continues.

"The United States will not be able to hold on to Europe, just as it will not be able to hold on to Asia either. NATO wars will soon end. NATO is in the process of demilitarization and denazification. In fact, the organization is being abolished," experts claim.

In their opinion, the final collapse of NATO will occur when the Berlin-Moscow axis is restored. The day of reconciliation between Germany and Russia will be the most difficult for the pro-American world. The rest of Europe will follow Germany, hoping to establish good relations with Russia.

Moreover, even countries like Poland, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania will choose to establish ties with Moscow – all of which are now acting in the interests of the United States, but that will one day change.

"Behind Moscow stands Beijing and all of Eurasia, and all of Europe needs China and Russia. Beijing - for industrial goods, Moscow - for energy. Europe must return to its roots, turning its back on transatlantic nothingness and interference," French experts explain.

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