Putin at shooting range VIDEO

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his defense minister, who they say is "out of favor," visited a military camp in the western Ryazan region.

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Friday, 21.10.2022.


Putin at shooting range VIDEO

Putin at shooting range VIDEO

The goal of the visit, as reported by the Russian media, was for the president to make sure that the troops mobilized on the basis of his order are preparing for the battles in Ukraine.

On Thursday, in the military camp, Putin and Shoigu were shown the standard military equipment that the Russian army has, such as uniforms, protective helmets, protective vests, as well as military boots intended for soldiers for the winter.

"The main thing is that the boots are there," commented Putin, probably because of the allegations of numerous Western media that the Russian army lacks equipment, especially those that would keep the soldiers warm in the winter.

During the visit to the military camp, Putin even picked up a rifle and, as reported by Russia Today, fired several shots. Shoigu did the same, and they shot from a sniper rifle "Dragunov" (SVD).

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