NATO "disembarks" 7.000 sailors, pilots and infantrymen

On Sunday, NATO launched a naval exercise in the Baltic Sea, which will last for almost two weeks. Sweden and Finland also participate in them.

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Monday, 06.06.2022.


EPA-EFE/Toms Kalnins

NATO "disembarks" 7.000 sailors, pilots and infantrymen

More than 7.000 sailors, pilots and infantry from 16 countries will take part in the NATO exercises.

The annual BALTOPS 22 naval exercise, launched in 1972, was not held in response to a specific threat, but according to the AP, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization said that "with Sweden and Finland, NATO is taking a chance to increase resilience and strength in an unpredictable world."

U.S. General Mark Milley, commander of the U.S. Joint Forces, said it was important for the U.S. and other NATO countries to show solidarity with Finland and Sweden during the exercise.

He said that, from Moscow's perspective, Finland's and Sweden's entry into NATO would be "very problematic" and would leave Russia in a difficult military position, as it would be completely surrounded by NATO members.

Finland and Sweden have been participating in a naval exercise since the mid-1990s, and BALTOPS 22 will end in the German city of Kiel on June 17.

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