"No sanctions over Kosovo secession - then why over Crimea?"

The West has made serious mistakes when it comes to Russia, repeatedly refusing to take into account Russia's interests, says German politician Gregor Gysi.

Izvor: Sputnik

Monday, 29.08.2016.


Gregor Gysi (Getty Images, file)

"No sanctions over Kosovo secession - then why over Crimea?"

Among these mistakes, Gysi listed "the bombing of Yugoslavia" as well as the creation of the U.S. missile defense shield in Eastern Europe, and the desire to get Ukraine in NATO - after which Russia's Black Sea Fleet, headquartered in Crimea, would have found itself in the territory of the Western military alliance.

Gysi thinks it was also a mistake to impose sanctions on Russia because of Crimea became a part of that country, and that "different measures should have been taken."

"After the secession of Kosovo, which was not in accordance with international law, no sanctions were imposed on us in the West. As a member of the political council of the Association of Medium-Sized Businesses I can say that the sanctions are hitting us harder than Russia," said the German politician.

In addition, he said, in response to the sanctions Moscow is now doing everything to weaken Europe - "for example, by establishing relations with Turkey."

"Only then it becomes noticeable what indirect effects this irrational policy has had," Gysi said.

Calculations were also made against Russia by the United States, he continued, adding that U.S. President Barack Obama should not have referred to Russia as "a regional power":

"(Russian President) Putin is the type of fighter with a tiger grip, to whom such things should not be said. In addition, personal relations between Putin and Obama did not become friendly. Whatever may be the case, in Syria, Putin showed Americans that Russia is a world power."

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