Mega twist: Was the rocket fired on purpose? "Zelensky crossed the red line"

The former president of the city council of Lublin, Jaroslaw Pakula, said that official Warsaw should reconsider its attitude towards the Ukrainian conflict.

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Thursday, 17.11.2022.


Mega twist: Was the rocket fired on purpose?

Mega twist: Was the rocket fired on purpose? "Zelensky crossed the red line"

Pakula, whose term of office expired four days before the rocket fell on a Polish village and killed two villagers, said that it was obvious that the rocket was Ukrainian and that the government in Warsaw should have sent a message to Kyiv instead of " telling fairy tales".

"Of course, this is a Ukrainian missile. Of course, this is a provocation by the Ukrainian authorities," Pakula said on his Facebook profile. "The rocket could not have been fired 100 km in the opposite direction by accident," he added.

According to him, the goal of the Ukrainian provocation was to give the EU a good scare and thus gain wider support for Ukraine's demands to send them more weapons.

"Instead of telling the public fairy tales, the Polish President should have told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that Warsaw will no longer tolerate such behavior from Kyiv," said the Polish politician. "I appeal to you to think about Poland's position regarding this war, given that the red line has been crossed again," Pakula concluded.

Let us remind you that the Ukrainian President immediately accused Russia of the missile landing on the territory of Poland, but not long after that, the USA and NATO announced that the investigation is ongoing, and that preliminary data show that the rocket was fired from Ukrainian territory as part of air defense.

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