Snow reaches Serbia: "By the end of the week..."

Meteorologist Ivan Ristic announced the weather forecast for the coming days, predicting snowfall throughout Serbia with cold gusts of Košava wind blowing.

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Thursday, 26.01.2023.


Snow reaches Serbia:
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Snow reaches Serbia: "By the end of the week..."

"On Thursday, January 26, first in southeastern Serbia, and by the end of the day in other parts of Serbia, snow can be expected! A cold Košava wind will blow. The highest daily temperature will be from 0 to 4 degrees Celsius. From Friday, January 27, until Sunday afternoon, January 29, it will be snowing with minor interruptions! The wind is gradually turning to the northwest," announced Ristić.

As he stated, the biggest snowfall will be in the vicinity of Belgrade.

"The temperature in that period during the day without any major fluctuation is from -1 to 3 degrees Celsius. There will also be the formation of a smaller snow cover over larger part of Serbia. According to the IRIE model, the largest snowfall is expected in the vicinity of Belgrade," the meteorologist said.

RHMZ announced cold weather with snow and rain.

"During the morning in the central and southern parts of Serbia, light snow is expected in some places. Until the end of the week, cloudy and cold, occasionally with snow, and there will be more precipitation tonight and tomorrow. On Sunday, the precipitation will gradually stop. Today in the afternoon, the snow will first intensify in the south and the east of Serbia, and at the end of the day and during the night in other regions as well, with the formation of a smaller snow cover. Tomorrow and during the weekend in the lower areas south of the Sava and Danube, the formation of a snow cover of 5 to 15 cm, in Vojvodina less - up to 5 cm. On the mountains, more snow is expected with occasional blizzards. In the east of Serbia, as well as in Banat, on Friday and Saturday, along with snow, rain or sleet is also expected in some places," reads the announcement of the RHMZ.

The yellow weather alert due to snow and ice is in effect in eastern, southeastern and southwestern Serbia, as well as in the area of Kosovo and Metohija. Also, a yellow alert has been announced in Pomoravlje due to strong winds, which means that the weather can be potentially dangerous.

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