Anniversary of founding of Croatian WW2 Nazi-allied entity

Do not dream about revenge, dream about life, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic "urged everyone, even the victims," Tanjug reported.

Izvor: Tanjug

Monday, 11.04.2016.


Anniversary of founding of Croatian WW2 Nazi-allied entity

Anniversary of founding of Croatian WW2 Nazi-allied entity

In a speech at Belgrade's Yugoslav Film Archive, Vucic said that “75 years ago, this monster state was created, state of crimes which went beyond all Nazi dreams about the extermination of inferior peoples and races”.

“Today, the number of Serbs in Croatia is down by 80 percent,” the prime minister said, noting that the NDH was the state whose purpose was to be a large death pit for Serbs, just because they were Serbs.

“The NDH established Jasenovac, that horrendous place in which silence is louder than any noise, even today. Jasenovac - the most appalling death camp,” Vucic said.

“However, today, when we are dreaming about a united Europe and fighting for human rights, when we are trying to resist hatred and evil, the issue of guilty conscience is, perhaps, vital for peace and stability in the Balkans,” the prime minister said.

“The issue to which, in view of April 10 and the figure I mentioned, a civil and European Croatia must respond. The European Union, as well,” he said.

"Our answer was made very clear when we condemned the crimes, but Croatia and the European Union (EU) have yet to offer theirs. Not because someone in Serbia is pushing Croatia to do so, but rather because it has a duty to its past. The testimonies of the exterminators indicate that 500,000 Serbs were killed in four years, while other sources have placed the figure at 700,000," Vucic said, Beta reported.

The ceremony at the Yugoslav Film Archive in memory of the victims of the Ustasha pogrom in the Nazi puppet Independent State of Croatia (NDH) was also attend by RS President of Republika Milorad Dodik and Director of the Yugoslav Film Archive Jugoslav Pantelic, who both addressed the event.

In view of this anniversary, the Yugoslav Film Archive prepared a program titled “Time of Crime”, including documentaries about the creation of the NDH and the Jasenovac death camp, Tanjug reported.

The remembrance ceremony brought together Serbian government officials, Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff Gen. Ljubisa Dikovic, President of the Serb National Council in Croatia Milorad Pupovac, representatives of the Alliance of Jewish Municipalities, representatives of the Roma and Muslim communities, and camp survivors.

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