One stop center for migrants opened in southern town

A one stop center for migrants has been opened in Presevo, southern Serbia, in the reconstructed building of a tobacco processing factory.

Izvor: Tanjug

Wednesday, 08.07.2015.


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One stop center for migrants opened in southern town

At the same time, they will receive appropriate documents under fast-track procedure.

The facility was opened by Serbian Labor Minister Aleksandar Vulin and head of the UNHCR office in Serbia Hans Friedrich Schodder.

Vulin, who also chairs a working group set up for "solving the problem of mixed migration flows" said that by setting up the center, Serbia "has shown it is a serious country."

"We act as an organized state. The state of Serbia behaves like that, takes care of every human being who finds themselves in its territory. It is less important why they found themselves there, nor are we here to judge anyone, but we are here to provide every human being with medical care, food and water," said Vulin.
Besides the reception and assistance desks, the facility also has a renovated and air-conditioned separate room for mothers with children.

Schodder also spoke on Wednesday to say he was pleased that the center was opened and announced that UNHCR "will continue to assist Serbia."

According to him, much better conditions have been created for processing their applications and provide accommodation and first aid to the migrants who "walk on foot and spend days on the road."

Mayor of Presevo Ragmi Mustafa said that the state, the people and many organizations have been providing excellent help to migrants before, and that the opening of the center is important "so that all migrants are in one place, where they will have decent conditions."

"They will all come to this center and will no longer be in the streets, yards, sidewalks and restaurants. We are grateful to everyone who helped make this opening happen," Mustafa said.
According to the Red Cross in Presevo, each day during the past week saw the arrival of between 800 and 1,000 migrants to this town.

Vulin on Friday criticized a recent report by Amnesty International that said migrants were mistreated on their way through Serbia.

He said this was not true and that "no member of the police or some other formation in any way abused or took money from migrants."

Vulin again urged all Balkan countries and the EU to jointly solve the migrant problem.

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