Cvijanović wins; Dodik lost?; Izetbegović admitted defeat

The polling stations in Bosnia-Herzegovina are closed, the first preliminary results are beginning to arrive.

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Sunday, 02.10.2022.


Cvijanović wins; Dodik lost?; Izetbegović admitted defeat
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Cvijanović wins; Dodik lost?; Izetbegović admitted defeat

According to the first incomplete results from DF, SDP and SNSD, the future composition of the BiH Presidency will consist of Željko Komšić with over 70 percent support, Denis Bećirović with more than 50 percent support and Željka Cvijanović with 60 percent support.

If these results are confirmed, it will be a historic victory for Cvijanović, who will become the first female member of the BiH Presidency. According to the same results, when it comes to the BiH Parliament, the SDA has by far the most support.

The spokesperson of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), Radovan Kovačević, said that based on around 150 processed polling stations in today's elections, a trend of support for the candidate of that party for the Serbian member of the BiH Presidency, Željka Cvijanović, is visible.

Borenović: Trivić is the new President of Srpska

PDP President Branislav Borenović announced this evening that the party's candidate, Jelena Trivić, is the new president of Republika Srpska.

Borenović said that Trivić received the support of 72.3 percent of the counted votes, that is, 461.825 votes. According to him, Trivić is 11.200 votes ahead of SNSD candidate Milorad Dodik.

"Trivić has 51.2 percent, and Dodik 48.7 percent," Borenović announced the unofficial and incomplete PDP election results.

Izetbegović admitted defeat

According to the first incomplete results of the BiH General Elections announced by the parties, the candidate for Bosniak member of the BiH Presidency, Bakir Izetbegović, is convincingly behind the opponent from the SDP, Denis Bećirović.

According to the same results, Izetbegović won 38.59 percent of citizens' support, while Bećirović, who was supported by 10 opposition parties, has more than 56 percent of support.

At the headquarters of the SDP, Bećirović's victory is celebrated, and some Sarajevo analysts believe that Izetbegović, as they say, "cut off his own branch" and that the time has come for him to retire from politics. Izetbegović's SDA, when it comes to the BiH Parliament, remains the most influential party according to the same non-conclusive election results announced by the parties. Izetbegović admits defeat and says that his fight was against 11 opposition parties, whose candidate was his opponent Denis Bećirović.

"Eleven parties united against me, SDA has a good result when it comes to the BiH Parliament," Izetbegović told reporters.

Asked if he feels personal responsibility and how things will proceed, Izetbegović says: "I maintained the result I achieved in the last elections, I am the president of the SDA and it is by far the strongest party in BiH, and we will see if there will be some turmoil within the party," he said.

He points out that the SDA is not in decline, but in growth. How can you expect to win against 11 united parties, asked Izetbegović and added that "they will not punish themselves for that." SDA, he points out, made a historic result in these elections, and everything else is a problem of coalition capacity.

Commenting on the imposed decision of High Representative Christian Schmidt on the changes to the Election Law and the FBiH Constitution, Izetbegović said that it strengthened the position of the HDZ, but that they had not yet analyzed it in detail.

CEC: Turnout in the elections in BiH 50 percent

In the General Elections in BiH, the turnout is 50 percent of the total number of voters, it was announced tonight at the press conference of the Central Election Commission (CEC).

CEC President Suad Arnautović noted that numbers from polling stations that have not yet been closed are missing. He reminded that in 2018, the turnout in the elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina was 54.02 percent. In today's elections, 48 percent of voters voted in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 53 percent in Republika Srpska, and 44 percent in Brcko District.

During the election day, 52 incidents were recorded at the polling stations, of which 26 were in the FBiH, 21 in the RS and five in the Brčko District.

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