"Abazovic bans Serbs to enter Government of Montenegro. It's that curly boy" VIDEO

One of the leaders of the DF, Milan Knezevic, stated that he hopes that the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Aleksa Becic, will not be replaced today.

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Monday, 07.02.2022.


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"Abazovic bans Serbs to enter Government of Montenegro. It's that curly boy" VIDEO

"Regardless of all the events in the last days, we hope that Becic will have a chance to talk and not be replaced... If case of his dismissal, I think that the chances for an agreement have been reduced and tensions are still waiting for us," Knezevic said for TV Prva.

He pointed out that it would be obvious that a "deal with the DPS was made" if the MPs of the URA movement, whose leader is Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic, vote for the removal of Becic, otherwise a "current coalition partner".

Asked whether the return of Milo Djukanović was imminent here, he pointed out that for him it was "a reshaping of the electoral will of the citizens".

"You have seen that DPS finds principle of the minority government acceptable and they are ready to talk to Abazovic. We regard it is as changing the will of the citizens. I appeal to Abazovic to give up... I am afraid that everything else will lead to civil instability... The one who thinks that he can form a coalition with the DPS and the DF should end up in a madhouse", stated Knezevic.

He explained that not everything is in the hands of Abazovic, that is, that part of it is "in the hands of SNP leader Vladimir Jokovic". When asked who is the biggest enemy of Montenegro, Knezevic explained that it would be "those people who attempt to change the will of the citizens".

"Dritan Abazovic was declared a Serbian hero, that he would protect the Serbian language... He is the curly boy who presented himself as a national hero in the Serbian media. Now, I would like the media to notice that this curly boy does not allow political representatives of the Serbian origin to be in the new government, because he believes that we, as Serbs from Montenegro, will destroy its integrity and sovereignty," Knezevic said.

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