Serbian President was told: If you accept, you'll join EU till 2030, if you don't...?

Research and publishing center Demostat states that possible consequences for Serbia if it doesn't accept the agreement on solving the Kosovo issue are truthful

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Monday, 30.01.2023.


Serbian President was told: If you accept, you'll join EU till 2030, if you don't...?
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Serbian President was told: If you accept, you'll join EU till 2030, if you don't...?

Demostat states, referring to its diplomatic sources, that the perspective of Serbia's membership in the EU, investments in the energy sector, meaning being independent from Russia in that area, the arrival of US and European companies, are part of what Serbia could expect if it agrees to the Western proposal.

Demostat adds that the statements about possible consequences for Serbia if it does not accept the agreement are correct, which include the disruption of European integration, the stop and withdrawal of investments, the return of the visa regime, while the arrangement for the International Monetary Fund would be questionable.

According to Demostat, the representatives of the EU, the USA, France, Germany and Italy told Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić at a meeting in Belgrade that, if Serbia accepts the European plan, it could enter the EU by 2030.

In the meantime, according to the sources of this center, Serbia would be included step by step in other European structures, such as the common European market, which implies the free flow of goods, people, capital and services.

If Belgrade rejects the Western plan for Kosovo and shows that it is not constructive in the dialogue with Pristina, there would be a suspension and withdrawal of European and American investments.

"Namely, there are already companies that have stopped plans for investments in Serbia until further notice, primarily due to the mismatch of foreign and security policies, which entails an increased risk of doing business in our country. Refusal of negotiations on a plan to resolve the Kosovo issue for the business community that plans to do business or is already operating in Serbia would be an additional red flag," writes Demostat.

The Franco-German plan that appeared in the media last week is not authentic, nor the final agreement that will be found at the negotiating table, writes Demostat.

The agreement will include a clause stating that neither side will block or encourage others to block the other's progress on its path to the EU, and that the agreement will not mention Kosovo's recognition or its UN membership.

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