Vučić in Raška: I said, I stand behind the barricades because I stand with my people

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić talks to Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija in Raška.

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Wednesday, 28.12.2022.


Vučić in Raška: I said, I stand behind the barricades because I stand with my people

Vučić in Raška: I said, I stand behind the barricades because I stand with my people

He said at the beginning that he came to listen to them. "Let's talk before we go to war," Vučić said after police officer Filipović's presentation.

"They have nothing to threaten me with. You saw the way I talk to them, so tell the people if I'm a coward or if I tell them everything and much worse than you. But we have to run the country. We have to talk. But you always knew that in me you have both a brother and a father," said Vučić.

"Have I ever retreated, have I put someone else's back? No, I said, I stand behind the barricades because it is my people and I stand with my people," he added.

"Since I heard that they are preparing difficult conditions for me, just think once more what we are getting with this? Because I am able to tell you five hundred things what we are getting with this. There is not a single bad sentence for us," said Vučić.

Vučić said that the conversation with the Crisis Staff from the barricades will be closed to the public.

"You have to tell me what the plan is. Because I have a plan and I said what I have. And you have to tell me what your plan is. You are heroes... The question is not whether someone is afraid or not. The question is not how to perish but how not to perish", explained Vučić.

Filipović: There is no life for the Serbs while there are special "thugs" in the north of Kosovo and Metohija

Aleksandar Filipović, a policeman, until recently the head of operations in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, explained why the Serbs left the institutions.

"It is important for me to emphasize that I went to school in Kosovska Kamenica, that I was educated in Belgrade, and that I am a professional. We wanted to integrate, so that people would be better off, and their mouths are full of law enforcement, and I tell you that law and justice do not exist in the so-called Kosovo. As for those very things, I can talk until the morning, but in the last year and a half it has become unbearable. We were forced to leave the institutions. We could not change anything on the field, this became evident with the arrival of the special forces."

Filipović says that Albanians claim that all the people in the north are corrupted criminals, which is not true.

"You have a situation where they defend Serbian products. I want my children to drink the milk that I drank, and they automatically pushed people into the gray zone, and then we all suddenly became criminals. For instance, a few months ago, they stopped one of our fellow citizens who was driving mineral water and beer, they fired 400 rounds to stop the truck. He started to run, he was shot at, and when he fell down, they mutilated him beyond recognition. I sent my policemen to see what was going on, and they told me that he was disfigured so much that they didn't recognize who he was. We sent an ambulance, and they detained and searched them. Beware, they didn't allow the ambulance to help the injured. The inspectorate said there were no elements of a criminal offense," he said.

Filipović reminded that in the end the Minister of Police of the so-called Kosovo said that all this was a justified use of force.

"When ambassadors come to meetings with us, do you know what a humiliation it is that there is no basic level of decency and respect. They look at the ceiling, their gaze wonder to see whether the television is on. When you add all that up, there was no other solution but to leave the institutions. How much slaps, blows and mistreatment by those special forces we went through, no one knows. And our people are proud and silent. When they file a report, no one is punished. Everyone seems to be deaf to it," said Aleksandar Filipović.

He added that there is no life for the Serbs while there are special "thugs" in the north of Kosovo, and that the north is not the so-called state of Kosovo.

"They don't have any element of statehood. They don't implement their powers, nor the law. So, my opinion, and I convey the opinion of my colleagues, is that the president was too lenient. Whatever guarantees these people from the West give, we know how easily they trampled on them. "They did not adhere to any letter. My opinion, and that of my police officers, is that if we remove the barricades, they will hunt us like rabbits," said Filipović.

The policeman thanked the president once again and said that he knows what he is dealing with, but that the Albanians will not stop there, but will continue with terror.

Dejan Pantić arrived home

President of Serbia said that he did not come to tell fairy tales and that he knows that problems should be expected in the coming period as well.

"I know what kind of madman we are dealing with in Pristina," said Vučić.

Vučić said that he received the news that Pantić had arrived home.

"We have shown in the past days that we exist as a people in Kosovo and Metohija. We expect Dejan Pantić to be home with his family at any moment, since the barricades are now being bypassed. Their request was for ROSU to bring him, but EULEX managed to do it. It is a significant symbolic victory. What we have in the papers, that the people who were at the barricades should not be prosecuted, we have that written unequivocally," said Vučić.

"Can we really believe in everything and are we sure how Kurti will behave... I'm not sure and I don't believe it," Vučić said.

"Albanians have been organizing a lot of things against us for years, if not decades, and they were waiting for the right moment. We should build peace with them," said Vučić.

"If we manage to agree on something tonight, I will greet more than two and a half thousand of our soldiers here and thank them. But I think that our goal must be peace and to push Serbia forward," he added.

The resigned president of the Provisional Authority of Leposavic Municipality, Zoran Todić, said that this is only a part of the people who have been fighting to survive in Kosovo for 23 years.

"The barricades are not the first barricades, but a form and method of Serb resistance to stay in Kosovo and Metohija. We should not be divided into Serbs north and south of the Ibar. The people who stayed south of the Ibar accepted many things imposed on them by the Albanians and the international community. From the first day when the army of the FRY left Kosovo, our people in the north organized themselves. We stayed alive only because we put up a fight," said Todić.

Vučić asked Todić to openly say what they expect from Serbia.

"The improvement that is felt in Serbia is also felt by us there. Renovation of buildings, housing construction, this has not happened in the past 30-40 years. We are aware that if Serbia is strong, we can also expect that improvement. We do not have a problem with the Albanians, but with the authorities from Pristina. I know that you are under pressure. I can imagine how it is for you, and I want you to persevere, and you have always had the support of the people. We are on our own here. I want to say that we are really against the terror and repression that we are experiencing for a year or more, it has happened before but never with this force, I am determined to stay living down there. I would not like the country to have a problem, we all need peace. Albanians too. There is enough space in Kosovo for all of us", Todic said.

"This will be a long and difficult evening"

"And when you achieve almost everything, they will never be satisfied, because they are dissatisfied with their position. I expect that tonight they will come with demands for me and for Serbia. I believe that we have achieved some important things at the legal level. For the first time, we have something that does not apply to the Albanian and NATO sides. Today, for the first time, we received something related to our rights, and that without the consent of the local Serbs, there cannot be a presence of the Pristina forces in the north of Kosovo and Metohija. This is a big deal for us, as is the fact that we succeeded to save the word barricade in the text. I fought all night," said Vučić.

"It's the first time that we haven't run away, that we haven't taken shelter. We are ready to help our people. It's not our goal to not preserve the peace. I will accept any decision. It will be a difficult and long evening," Vučić said.

"What is the alternative, to kill each other? You know what is in this place. The entire General Staff, we are all ready to help our people. But it is not our goal not to preserve the peace. But I will accept any decision, and I have accepted that burden. For me, Kosovo and Metohija is Serbia, and it will never be anything else. They are my brothers and sisters. This will be a difficult and long evening. I think they will ask for it to be without the presence of journalists, so you will ask them later if so be it," Vucic said.

Vučić stated that we are talking to people who do not respect Resolution 1244, and who bombed this country.

Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija asked for additional time to talk with the Serbs at the barricades. They are expected to come to the meeting with the president. Vučić said that he will wait for them as long as necessary.

As previously announced, Vučić took a helicopter to the administrative line at around 7:00 p.m. to discuss the removal of the barricades with the Serbs.

"Again on the way to Raska, where I will talk with Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija. Knowing that they, until the final liberation, will never be satisfied with any decision, with a clear conscience and face, I go before them, convinced that today is a good day for Serbia, that we preserved the peace and received guarantees for the safety and survival of the Serbs. Whatever the decision of our people is, I will accept it, I will be with them and we will preserve Serbian unity," Vučić announced on Instagram.

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