LSV won't join government "under any circumstances"

Nenad Canak said on Monday he and his coalition partners will tomorrow attend consultations with PM-designate Aleksandar Vucic.

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Monday, 06.06.2016.


LSV won't join government

LSV won't join government "under any circumstances"

Vucic said the LSV and its coalition partners - the LDP and the SDS - will hear Vucic's idea about the composition of his cabinet, but added that he "does not think he will hear anything very different from what he heard after the last elections."

"I think the LSV will not find anything that it might join the government for," Canak told reporters in the National Assembly.

When it comes to the post-election situation in the province of Vojvodina, Canak said the LSV has not yet received any invitation, adding there had not been any conversations so far, and that the candidate for the head of the provincial government was not known - and that it was also unknown "who might convene consultations" on that topic.

He then reiterated the LSV would not join the country's government "under any circumstances," adding:

"At this moment I do not see any possibility of the LSV participating in a political coalition of any kind, and in the technical sense we need to hear what is asked of us, and what is offered and what is good for citizens," Canak said, adding that he is confident his party cannot do anything for citizens "in this government."

"We were not invited to talks, anyway, but to hear what the PM designate has to say, and that is useful for all participants in political events," said Canak.

He added that the LSV, the LDP and the SDS, as they formed their joint lists ahead of national and provincial elections, agreed on ways they will act, and are "autonomous to make decisions in accordance with their programs."

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