Former UNESCO chief against Kosovo's membership

Former Director-General of UNESCO Federico Mayor opposes Kosovo's membership in the organization, and stresses that the UN is in need of deep reforms.

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Monday, 26.10.2015.


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Former UNESCO chief against Kosovo's membership

Mayor, who was taking part in a European Center for Peace and Development conference in Belgrade dedicated to globalization, the migrant crisis, and Pristina's UNESCO bid, said that while holding the top UNESCO job, he "five times condemned the NATO military action in Kosovo." He noted that the invasion of Kosovo was not approved by the UN and that such an issue can always be reconsidered.

"For Serbia, but also for the world, it is important to say that the world does not want a plutocracy, an oligarchic rule of rich countries," said the diplomat, who served as UNESCO's director-general from 1987 until 1999.

According to him, the UN should be reformed also through efforts to as soon as possible end the rule of the most powerful, namely, G7, G8, and G20. All countries in the General Assembly, 193 of them - need to be deciding on the future of the world, he said.

Asked whether it is possible to reform the world organization when UNESCO, which deals with education and culture, is, in the Kosovo case, being abused for political purposes, along with a violation of international law, Mayor answered in the affirmative.

"As I consider that the decision on the recognition of Palestine is good, there are other issues, which may again be considered," said he.

Mayor pointed out that he was deeply opposed to foreign military action in Kosovo while he was UNESCO's director.

Asked how he would vote on Pristina's bid to join UNESCO, Mayor said he had not changed his position and would be opposed, "without any doubt."

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