Ambassadors tour town devastated by flood, express support

Some 70 ambassadors and diplomatic corps representatives toured the flooded Obrenovac with reporters and Serbian officials on Monday.

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Tuesday, 20.05.2014.


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Ambassadors tour town devastated by flood, express support

"We all feel a little like citizens of Obrenovac today. We are here today to show solidarity with Obrenovac and all of Serbia. You can count on us," said Italian Ambassador Giuseppe Manzo, after visiting the flooded Obrenovac in Gendarmerie trucks.

He said his country had delivered ten rescue boats and 23 generators to Serbia, and donated EUR 200,000 to the Red Cross to buy what the victims need.

EU Delegation to Serbia head Michael Davenport pointed out that a great effort would be required before the impact of the flooding is mitigated, and added that he was proud that the EU was part of the Serbian government's big rescue operation from the beginning and that it would continue to stand by Serbia at this grave time.

German Ambassador Heinz Wilhelm stressed that "what we saw here" was terrible and added that Germany had provided the water-pumping units that are at the Kostolac thermal power plant, where there is a "great" amount of water and the plant has to continue to operate.

It is important that all our bilateral aid was coordinated by the European Commission and we are doing everything to help, Wilhelm said.

U.S. Ambassador Michael Kirby said the next phase was one of repairing homes and automobiles and making up for what has been lost.

"A lot of work will be needed. Life must go on. We have all gained an insight today into what we can do in the coming days and weeks to help people from the flooded areas to get back on their feet," Kirby stated.

Ambassadors from the region -- Slovenia, Macedonia and Bulgaria, which were among the first to come to Serbia's aid, also addressed the reporters.

Macedonia is always first by Serbia's side. We have given vast support, both financial and technical, over EUR 140,000 worth, Macedonian Ambassador Vera Jovanovska stated.

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić organized the visit to Obrenovac and accompanied the diplomats.

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