Vučić: "Let them condemn the aggression against Serbia" VIDEO

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said that Serbia is militarily neutral, but its policy is not neutral.

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Tuesday, 22.02.2022.



Vučić: "Let them condemn the aggression against Serbia" VIDEO

President Vucic said that Serbia is on its way to the European Union, but it will not give up traditional friendships.

It should be reminded that the Ambassador of Ukraine to Serbia, Oleksandr Alexandrovich, stated that Ukraine and the Ukrainian people expect Serbia to condemn yesterday's move by Russia.

"He asked us to condemn the Russian aggression, and I have a simple answer to that: we are a small country, we do not want to eliminate the possibility of friendship, we do not decide on the future of Ukraine," Vucic said.

He called on the ambassador to call on Zelensky to condemn the aggression carried out against Serbia by Western countries. "Well, when he does, then I will condemn the aggression," he said.

Vučić said that Serbia is the only one that strictly adheres to international law. Speaking about the visit to Monaco, Vučić said that he talked with Albert from Monaco about important things.

"We will soon open a direct line with Nice and that will enable the arrival of our tourists in Monaco, and at the same time the opportunity to attract their tourists. Albert has already expressed his desire to visit Serbia and we expect to see him in Belgrade before the end of the year", said Vucic.

"It is a great advertisement for our country. We talked about cooperation in international institutions and organizations. It is always important to have a friend like Prince Albert," he said. Vučić also said that the conversation was about increasing the exchange between Serbia and Monaco.

"It is very small now, but we talked about how it can be improved. I talked to Prince Albert about everything that is happening in Eastern Europe and the position of Serbia," Vucic said.

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