Pešić: If Jokić's not ready, he'd better not play

The coach of the Serbian national basketball team, Svetislav Pešić, was asked about Nikola Jokić and his possible appearance at the Olympic Games in Paris.

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Friday, 23.02.2024.


Pešić: If Jokić's not ready, he'd better not play
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Pešić: If Jokić's not ready, he'd better not play

Pešić spoke at the press conference after the victory over Finland (77:61) in the first round of EuroBasket qualifiers.

The popular Kari says that the most prepared should play for Serbia.

Jokić had the desire to perform at the World Championship last year, but he was simply too tired.

"I talk to Jokić often and to everyone who wasn't here. Nikola played more than 100 games last year, he wasn't ready either physically or mentally. When you decide to play for the Serbian national team, only a gold medal is expected from top players. "They have to be mentally and physically ready for that, and if they're not, they won't be able to do it. If he's not ready, he'd better not play. I hope he'll be ready, but it's too early to talk about that," said Pešić.

The "Eagles" coach was also asked about speculations that he will take over the Dubai national team.

Pešić pointed out that he is not planning anything other than to dedicate himself to the Olympic Games.

"The Olympic Games are ahead of us, I don't know what will happen next. I don't make plans. If you mean Dubai - I don't plan anything. We are expecting Olympics, everyone wants to play, we have a good chance to make a team. After that, I don't plan anything," Pešić said, adding:

"I'm not fooling around, I don't know if I'll be a coach at all. The time will come when I have to say - enough is enough. The fact that I have friends in Dubai and help them out is another thing, but if I'll be a coach - I don't know."

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