Details of Dijana Hrkalović's arrest - interrogation in Ustanička Street VIDEO

Former state secretary of the Ministry of the Interior, Dijana Hrkalović, was arrested today, the media report, followed by the search of her apartment.

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Friday, 15.10.2021.


Details of Dijana Hrkalović's arrest - interrogation in Ustanička Street VIDEO
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Details of Dijana Hrkalović's arrest - interrogation in Ustanička Street VIDEO

The interrogation of Hrkalović is underway, they say.

She was detained on suspicion of removing evidence after the murder of Vlastimir Milosevic in Queen Natalija Street.

According to media reports, her official hearing began at 8:30 p.m. Hrkalović was escorted by the police to the building of the Special Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade in Ustanička Street.

According to the media, she was first taken to her apartment where the search took place.

My client Dijana Hrkalović was summoned to the Internal Control Department today at 3 p.m. At around 5 p.m., we came to the police department together and shortly afterwards she was arrested. Dejan Kovačević (former head of the Criminal Police Directorate) was also in the Internal Control Department at that time. The decision on the arrest was handed over by the police officer I.P. From there, Hrkalović went to the apartment where the search was carried out, which ended at 19:20", says lawyer Nenad Tasić.

Hrkalović will now be questioned before the Deputy Prosecutor for Organized Crime, and according to some media, the reason is the case of the murder of karate fighter Vladimir Milošević, for which Veljko Belivuk was accused and then released.

This is a case of murder on the rails in 2017, when karate fighter Vlastimir Milošević was killed. The main suspect in the murder was Veljko Belivuk, better known as Velja Nevolja, but he was eventually released because the evidence disappeared.

"Murder on the rails"

During the guest appearance of the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, in a television show in mid-July this year, a disturbing video of the murder of Vlastimir Milošević on tram rails in Belgrade, on January 30, 2017, was shown.

The murdered Milosevic, otherwise an athlete, was killed because he prevented Miljkovic or Belivuk from occupying Belgrade river night clubs, the president emphasized at the time. The murder of Vlastimir Milosevic took place on tram rails in the March 27 Street in Belgrade downtown, on January 30, 2017, for which he was suspected, and then magically released. Veljko Belivuk aka Velja Nevolja, is a turning point in the rise of a criminal clan whose members are now in prison awaiting indictment for a series of crimes and monstrous murders.

After the murder of Milosevic and the release of Belivuk, there was a final rapprochement between Velja Nevolja and the controversial Dijana Hrkalovic, the state secretary in the Ministry of the Interior, who was at the peak of her power at the time. Yesterday, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, marked the murder on the tram rails as the moment from which his wiretapping began.

"The first time I said that I did not understand how it was possible for the DNA finding in connection with the murder on the tram rails to change, my wiretapping started," said Vučić.

Despite seemingly solid evidence, Belivuk got away with killing Milosevic through a combination of favorable circumstances - if you believe in coincidence. The key circumstances were a police officer, who allegedly contaminated the evidence at the crime scene, and a forensic expert who changed her statement at the last moment.

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