EU rep in Kosovo: Special court will be set up

A special court that will deal with the cases of war crimes committed in Kosovo will be established, EU's special representative in Pristina said on Tuesday.

Izvor: Tanjug

Tuesday, 21.04.2015.


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EU rep in Kosovo: Special court will be set up

"As I hear from friends, the formation of the special court cannot be stopped... A failure to set up the court would be a great pity and I would fear that very much," he was quoted as saying during a conference dedicated to the subject, attended by deputies and political analysts.

Zbogar "admitted that people in Kosovo are skeptical when it comes to the work of a special war crimes court, but underscored that it is time for Kosovo to remove that dark cloud," Tanjug reported.

"The court will not tarnish Kosovo's image, but rather clean it," Zbogar said, adding that when it comes to Dick Marty's report (on the trafficking in human organs taken from abducted Serbs and other non-Albanians) or suspicions concerning war crimes, "this concerns several individuals."

"Now the time has come for those individuals, not Kosovo, to face the accusations," Zbogar said.

He stressed that the process of the establishment of the special court should be "credible, non-partisan, and disclose the truth concerning the accusations," Pristina-based daily Express reported.

According to the same source, Zbogar thinks that once the court is up and running "Kosovo will be able to launch a new process that would influence its relations with international partners."

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