Vučić: "This will be produced in Serbia and exported to Europe" PHOTO/VIDEO

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, attended the ceremonial opening of the new factory of Nestle company for the production of plant-based meals in Surčin.

Izvor: Tanjug

Tuesday, 27.02.2024.



Vučić: "This will be produced in Serbia and exported to Europe" PHOTO/VIDEO

The president spoke briefly with the factory workers and wished them happy work.

The production process was presented to him.

"This looks amazing," commented the president of the machine shop.

They showed the president plant-based meatballs, "chicken nuggets" and other plant-based products from the company's assortment. "It is important for us that it will be exported to Europe," said the president.

"These are the investors we love the most, who do not need subsidies from the state," added Vučić. The representatives of the company told Vučić that everything is new in the factory and that two years ago there was a meadow, and now it is a modern factory with the most advanced technology in that area. Vučić asked if that type of food is normally more expensive than meat products, to which he received the answer that food from that factory would be cheaper. Then Vučić addressed the public.

"They built a wonderful, clean factory. They will continue to invest," said Vučić.

"And another important thing I want to emphasize is that the Nestle company did not ask for any subsidies and I am the happiest that it is so. I like it the most when someone else pays for it. If they had asked for subsidies, they would have received them. We give the biggest subsidies for food... Serbia is ready, as it has a large raw material base. We need not to export apples and raspberries, but to also know how to pack and export compote," Vučić said.

He pointed out that it is of great importance for Serbia to reach the European market as soon as possible.

"It will be a big step for us," Vucic said. "For us, the issues of green corridors, PEN conventions, and many other things are of key importance, much more than the money that someone else can give us for growth. We currently have over 4 billion euros in our account. We don't need money, we need something that can significantly contribute to the accelerated development and approach in the future to what we have set out. In addition, it is important for us to reach the single European market as soon as possible. Of course, it is not easy - but when we overcome all these problems and when we come to an agreement with the Europeans, it will be a huge step forward for our country and a huge opportunity for accelerated development," added Vučić.

Then the president opened production by pressing a button. The official opening of the factory is in Železnička Street in Surčin, and the Minister of Agriculture, Jelena Tanasković, and the President of the Temporary Authority of the City of Belgrade, Aleksandar Šapić, as well as representatives of the company, are also present.

Nestle built a new factory for the production of plant-based meals next to the existing factory in Surčin.

The company announced that, with an investment of 80 million Swiss francs (about 83.8 million euros) and the creation of 220 new jobs, the new factory will produce nutritionally rich and delicious plant-based meals, offering additional options for our consumers to enjoy a balanced diet, and they can also be excellent alternatives on fasting days.

The Nestle company previously announced that the new plant-based food factory in Surcin will cover 18,440 square meters and have a production capacity of 12,000 tons per year.

Also, it was announced that products from the new facility will be marketed in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain and Great Britain.

The company said it will expand its network of local suppliers in order to continue supporting the local economy.

In 2012, Nestle took over the Centroproizvod factory in Surčin and continued the production of the favorite Serbian brand "C" in it, and started production from the range of world-famous brands Tommy, Magi and Nestle Professional, which it exports to more than 40 countries around the world.

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