Vučić revealed when the new government will be formed

In his address to the public, President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, referred to the formation of the government.

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Saturday, 30.12.2023.


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Vučić revealed when the new government will be formed

Vučić said that the list "Serbia must not stop" won convincingly at all polling stations, both at the city and republic levels.

"The turnout at the republic level is about 43 percent, which is a high turnout for repeated elections, and slightly less than 40 percent at the level of the city of Belgrade," said the President of Serbia.

Also, Vučić pointed out that a convincing victory was won in Ripanj, as many as 79.8 percent of the votes.

"As far as other polling stations are concerned, the percentage for the list 'Serbia must not stop' increased by between 10 and 30 percent everywhere. And in nine stations, the turnout was higher, or the same as 13 days ago. In those stations, we even got 30 percent more votes, so you have seats in the municipality of Lebane and Žagubica where we have more than 92 percent of the total number of votes".
Vučić thanked the citizens of Serbia for doing their job in a peaceful way, and showed their democratic will with a pen.

He said that they endured all kinds of pressure and attacks, and thanked them for being able to withstand the violence that often characterized the post-election period in the last election years.

"Some can never come to terms with the election results. And let me tell people, I saw recent research after the attack on the city assembly, there was a drastic change in the mood of the citizens of Serbia. We were at 49 percent before that, today we are at 51,5 to 52 percent of the electorate. Nestorovic's list has grown a bit, the rest is in free fall," said Vučić.

"I am proud that the list 'Serbia must not stop' won so much trust from the citizens", Vučić concluded.
"The people have clearly said who they support. We will try to form a government by the end of February, by the beginning of March, to see how we are going to move forward. To continue implementing the recommendations of the ODIHR," said the president.

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