Opposition blocks streets in Belgrade, the citizens suffer; Shameful flag PHOTO/VIDEO

Supporters of the "Serbia Against Violence" list blocked traffic at the intersection of Knez Miloš and Birčaninova streets.

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Friday, 29.12.2023.


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Opposition blocks streets in Belgrade, the citizens suffer; Shameful flag PHOTO/VIDEO

"Reporter N1 reports the following from the protest of Djilas students, who block the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Belgrade during the holiday rush: 'There will be music, songs, a DJ has been announced, a kettle will be boiled, most likely beans will be on the menu!'", it was posted on the "Lie Detector" profile on the "X" social network.

Students are sitting on the street, tents have been set up, and food stands have been set up where they can serve themselves.

It is planned to have a party, a DJ will play music, which leads to the conclusion that the traffic is blocked and the citizens of Belgrade have difficulty functioning because of the entertainment of the small number of gathered students.

The "EUROMAIDAN Serbia" flag reveals the intentions of those gathered

Let us remind you that the 12th protest of Djilas's opposition was held in front of the REC, and after that, the crowd headed towards the students, who are also blocking the streets.

It was noticed that one of the supporters of "Serbia against violence" carried a flag with a worrying inscription, with which they admitted their intentions. Namely, a flag with the words "EUROMAIDAN Serbia" was waved at the protest.

Check out photos from the protest showing the flag in question below:

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