Vučić: "We won't let them steal the will of people. Elections are as pure as a tear"

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, addressed the public on the occasion of the elections and emphasized that they were "pure as a tear". ​

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Wednesday, 27.12.2023.


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Vučić: "We won't let them steal the will of people. Elections are as pure as a tear"

Vučić commented on the research that he was the most attacked person in the campaign. He also spoke about the negative coverage of RTS.

"It's been going on for a long time, only some pretend not to see it. They were even scared when they thought the masses would take over RTS, so they report on the protest five times. Today they had reported that Belgrade is the 27th most polluted city in the world. What kind of news is it that some town is 27th in the world. It just shows that they want to make negative news. But that's their editorial policy, and I don't want to influence their work," he said.

"We know the motivation of the voters. Daily rolls were made and everyone knows everything. They announced in advance that they were going to create chaos," began Vučić

"I ask them why you are silent? It was planned in advance because the elections were as pure as a tear. They knew all that. That observer who came from Austria signed that there were no irregularities at the polling station, and Schider at the meeting with me said that he saw ballots that were invalid, irregular. He saw ballots that were correct. We will not let them steal the will of the people. The voice of the people is the voice of God. We will not let them steal it."

"On the 30th of December, the elections will end and we are slowly moving towards the constitution of the National Assembly," announced Vučić.

"I came to the Presidency when I saw that they were performing miracles 50 meters away. There is a secret passage, but I have never seen it. I was elected by the people. I am not afraid of their threats," the president emphasized.

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