The UN warns: They are starving VIDEO

A senior official of the United Nations World Food Program has warned that half of the population in the Gaza Strip is starving.

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Sunday, 10.12.2023.


The UN warns: They are starving VIDEO
Foto: Profimedia

The UN warns: They are starving VIDEO

The population is starving because of armed fighting between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, the official said.

The deputy director of the UN World Food Program, Carl Skau, said that only part of the necessary supplies could enter the Gaza Strip and stated that "nine out of ten people cannot eat every day", reports the BBC.

"The conditions in the Gaza Strip have made the delivery of aid almost impossible," Skau pointed out, adding that only the Rafah border crossing to Egypt is open, through which limited amounts of aid reach the Palestinian enclave.

Skau said that during his visit to Gaza this week, he and his team saw "fear, chaos and despair" and witnessed "chaos in warehouses and distribution points, with thousands of desperately hungry people".

Skau said they witnessed "completely empty shops" and "overcrowded shelters".

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