Djukanovic gave a mandate to Abazovic to form a government

President of Montenegro, Milo Djukanović, announced he was giving a mandate for forming a government to the leader of the Civic Movement URA, Dritan Abazović.

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Thursday, 03.03.2022.


Djukanovic gave a mandate to Abazovic to form a government
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Djukanovic gave a mandate to Abazovic to form a government

Djukanovic and Abazovic met earlier today, when the President of Montenegro informed the Deputy Prime Minister that he had completed the consultations and that he intended to give a mandate, the media reported.

"I ended the consultations on the prime minister-designate for the composition of the Government, to which representatives of political parties represented in the Parliament of Montenegro were invited, on Monday, February 28, 2022. Namely, starting on Friday, February 25, I had talks with the President of SDP, Raško Konjević, President of the Social Democrats of Montenegro (SD) Damir Šehović, representatives of the Civic Movement URA Božena Jelušić and Miloš Konatar, President of the Bosniak Party (BS) Ervin Ibrahimović, President of the Democratic Union of Albanians (DUA) Mehmed Zenko, President of the Democratic Party Fatmir Djek, President of the Albanian Alternative (AA) Niko Djelosaj, President of the Force Genci Nimanbegu, President of the Liberal Party (LP) Andrija Popovic, Vice Presidents of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) Jevto Erakovic and Abaz Dizdarevic, Secretary General of the Assembly and General Secretary Aleksandar Obradovic and head of the MPs' club, Danijel Zivkovic", it is stated in Djukanovic's statement.

It is added that other parliamentary parties have not expressed interest in participating in consultations on this topic.

"Representatives of GP URA and their political partners unequivocally assured me that they have a parliamentary majority for the election of the 43rd Government of Montenegro in the Parliament of Montenegro. Therefore, I decided to entrust the mandate to form the Government to Mr. Abazovic, President of GP URA. In the best interest of Montenegro to get the Government in full capacity as soon as possible, especially due to additional security and political challenges generated by the war in Ukraine and its reflection on the stability of our region, I expect the Montenegrin Parliament to hold a session and decide on program and its composition, based on the proposal of the prime minister-designate", reads the statement of Djukanovic.

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