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Vučić before his trip to New York: "On Thursday, we will know who our friends are. We will resist strongly"

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić addressed the public before his trip to New York.

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Vučić before his trip to New York: "On Thursday, we will know who our friends are. We will resist strongly"
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"I will have many meetings, and on Thursday we will all fight together. In the morning, several representatives of us will meet in the Saint Sava temple, I believe that the patriarch will also be there and he will give us a speech and tell us what they think. What is certain is that we will put up a strong fight. I know how big the force is that threatens us and how big and strong they are, and we will do our best and resist them stronger than they thought," said Vučić.

He then commented on the latest decision of Montenegro.

"People from Serbia participate in this and help. These are the platforms for the destruction of Serbia. I am proud when I am in a negative context on their front pages. I do not interfere in the internal affairs of Montenegro and it is their decision how they will vote. It is a perfidious trick," he said.

"You did not come to an agreement with Serbia regarding the amendments related to the resolution. Someone did that so that they could wash their own conscience as to why they would vote for the resolution", he added.

"We will know on Thursday evening who are our friends in the world and who are our partners. All those who vote against or abstain are our friends," Vučić pointed out, adding that it was important that a small country, Serbia, stood up to the big powers in the world, and no one expected that.

"I will not be happy with the results, but I will be proud of our fight. I also believe that the citizens of Serbia will be proud of it," he said.

He also commented on Konaković's statements that neither he nor Serbia deserve respect by supporting the Resolution on Srebrenica.

"Everything I said, he confirmed and said he would do it, even though they said it was a lie. They had to bring meaningless amendments to say that it is not the people who are genocidal, but the individuals. Then explain why you support the resolution. What's up with you?", said Vučić.

"Apart from that personal hatred of Konaković, they cannot give serious answers, which is that if it is about individual responsibility, why do you support the resolution and then there is no answer," he added.

Upcoming elections

"I could say a lot about those people. Unlike others, I am always ready to congratulate them on their good results. They use a dangerous trick. They say they are fed up with the Belgradization, and in the last 10 years that difference has been decreasing. The percentage is higher salary growth in Nis than in Belgrade. There are all new people there, there is no one from the past," he said, talking about the upcoming elections.

"I will go to Nis on the last day of the election campaign and I will tell them what I think. I think that Nis is on a great path and I don't think that anyone has come forward faster," he added.

Vučić also commented on the statements of Savo Manojlović, as well as "who is financing him".

"I just feel sorry for this man (Savo Manojlović). Their only problem is always Vučić in prison, and Dacić is not important to them, however, he is an important partner to us. The worst thing is to work against your country," said Vučić and drew attention to the fact that they were given money by Rockefeller, but he doesn't understand why.

"It is good that people perceive their numerous anti-Serb attitudes," he emphasized.

"The local elections will certainly be difficult for the list that bears my name," he added and drew attention to the fact that the elections are uncertain, but that is democracy.

In the end, Vučić thanked the citizens of Serbia who support their country. 

The UN General Assembly, where the resolution on Srebrenica will be discussed, is scheduled for Thursday, May 23.


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